Fitness Center Branding Project


Killer B Fitness offers various exercise classes throughout the week from their two locations in Santa Barbara. From managing multiple classes to constantly creating new workout routines they had reached out to us to help with their branding. From the creation of a brand guide and branding assets, we helped to solidify Killer B Fitness' identity and give them the tools to help maintain their brand. This truly shows how important a Fitness Center Branding Project can be.

Service Provided

Color Palette

Design Direction

The overall goal was to create an edgy yet modern look and feel for both the print media and brand. For all of the mockups the colors used were a White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black, and the Killer B Fitness Yellow.

Color combinations were chosen to provide the most contrast and/or to be complementary with the background color and imagery. Most importantly the Killer B Fitness Yellow is used as an accent and becomes the main focal point due to the vividness of the yellow.

Typefaces and Fonts used were Roboto, Oswald, and the font from the Killer B Fitness logo and tagline. These combined allow the text to flow and provide natural legibility.

The color and fonts are also used on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Letterhead Examples

Letterhead Designs

Any time Killer B Fitness prints flyers they should have the following info:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
    • Black & White logo on Black & White
    • Color logo on Color
  • Contact Info
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Address
Kyle Visin

"Our experience with 95Visual has been great, focusing on both the short and long-term marketing goals for our business. I was referred to 95Visual and ultimately chose to work with them because of their approach. They provide guidance and want what is best for our business, but always ensures the product produced was one we were excited to see.

I absolutely recommend 95Visual for the small to medium business looking to expand their advertising and marketing. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Joshua and the team!"

Kyle Visin, Manager - Killer B Fitness
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