1736 Family Crisis Center

Screen desktop mockup of 1736's homepage website

The 1736 Family Crisis Center, a notable non-profit organization in Los Angeles County, is dedicated to aiding those affected by domestic violence, runaways, and homeless youth. The organization embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its digital presence with the 95Visual team. Recognizing the evolving needs of their audience, the organization sought to enhance the accessibility and responsiveness of their website, bridging the gap between vital services and those who need them most.

Services Provided
Website Design & Development
Project Objectives
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: The redesign aimed to create a universally accessible platform, catering to a diverse audience, including language translation for Spanish speakers and adaptations for individuals with disabilities.
  • Optimization for Mobile Users: With a focus on reaching a broader audience, improving mobile responsiveness was paramount. The goal was to ensure the site's resources and information were easily navigable and consumable on any device.
  • Information Dissemination: The new website needed to serve as a comprehensive hub for resources, providing easy access to support and services for individuals in crisis.
  • Bespoke Design Approach: The website was custom-designed from the ground up, shaped significantly by client collaboration. The design process involved refining the color scheme and taking inspiration from preferred websites provided by the client.
  • Technological Innovations: Drupal was chosen for its versatility as a CMS. Google Translate was implemented for seamless language translation. The site also featured a 'safe exit' button, an interactive map, event calendars, news sections, web forms, and MailChimp integration for newsletter dissemination.
  • Client-Centered Features: Special attention was given to the organization's unique vertical logo, ensuring its integration was both aesthetically pleasing and functional across all platforms.
  • Adapting to a Unique Branding Element: Incorporating the vertical logo required a creative approach, particularly in ensuring its effective placement on both the homepage and inner pages without compromising design integrity.
  • Content Transformation for Mobile Efficiency: The existing content was not optimized for mobile use, necessitating a complete overhaul to ensure mobile-friendliness while maintaining the message's integrity.
Body Content

The objective for the redesign was to create an easy to navigate and accessible website. Current users would need information quickly so we color-coordinated each category for quick identification. From there our design team utilized a minimalist, information-focused design that would make their content accessible with as few clicks as needed and highlight important sections. It was through colors and specific placement of accent icons that we achieved what the client wanted. 

  • Significant Traffic Increase: Post-launch, the website experienced a substantial 150% increase in traffic, indicating a successful outreach and engagement with the target audience.
  • Enhanced Online Visibility: The rise in organic search results on Google is a testament to the improved accessibility and relevance of the website, echoing the organization's commitment to reaching those in need.
1736's homepage screenshot of their website
1736's about page screenshot on their website

The redesigned website for the 1736 Family Crisis Center stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful digital transformation in the non-profit sector. By prioritizing accessibility, mobile responsiveness, and user-centric design, the project has not only expanded the center's reach but also reinforced its commitment to providing support to the most vulnerable. This case study exemplifies how strategic digital initiatives can significantly impact an organization's ability to connect with and aid its community.