Digital Marketing Services

Why You Should Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency

Creating a website is an exciting accomplishment for any business but many new website owners think the project is over after the website launches. If you’re reading this you have probably updated your website recently or are considering some changes to bring some new life to your business. A website can certainly be a game changer! But the truth is, a website needs effective marketing strategies in order to thrive and bring in that new growth. 

When your new website(or content refresh for that matter) is complete, we suggest taking advantage of 95Visual’s internet marketing services to ensure your site is set up for success. We offer online marketing services that include advertising on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Campaigns, and more.

Internet Marketing Services

As a trusted digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, we run customized ad campaigns on social media platforms to build strong engagement and brand awareness for our clients. Looking to grow your business, increase leads, and reach your ideal client on several platforms? Having an active social media presence is not only beneficial to generating growth, but it’s a highly effective way to bring in new customers that may not have found you without the platform. If you’re ready to get started with marketing your plan may include a combination of these services. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help and can discuss all your needs, goals, and past marketing efforts on a discovery call.

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Your Marketing Process with 95Visual

No two businesses are identical so their marketing plans shouldn’t be either. Our marketing team can help identify your marketing needs and create an individualized marketing plan for your business. Here’s what you can expect 


Your marketing project begins with the Discovery Phase. During this phase we will identify your ideal client, project goals, and what’s unique about your business. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the types of ads available, the perks of advertising on platforms such as social media, and work through your marketing budget with our team.

Ad Creation

We then start creating ads based on your marketing goals and platform preference. It’s common for most of our clients to begin with advertising on a social media platform to utilize copy and establish a baseline understanding of what your target audience responds best to. From here we often move on to using imagery and other methods to increase leads.

Analytics and Review

After each set of ads run and we get metrics on what’s working, then we review the successes and opportunities with you. As we get more information on what’s working with your audience we adjust the ads accordingly. A common goal for our clients, regardless of the numbers and their growth goals, is to see consistent and steady growth of incoming leads throughout the campaign.

Choose 95Visual for Digital Marketing

95Visual is a web agency based in Los Angeles that focuses on transforming businesses like yours through a strong web presence. 95Visual we are here to take the mystery out of marketing and get your business the results you desire. We believe a marketing plan is just as important as a business plan and the day-to-day operations so we offer a variety of services to support your marketing plan. Get started today by signing up for a free marketing audit.

What Can Marketing Do For Your Business?
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