Content Matters

Content guides your audience to what makes your business unique and demonstrates why you are their best choice. With businesses relying on written content to present themselves, strategy matters now, more than ever. The way you communicate with visitors, through content, can make or break all of your other digital efforts. At 95Visual we understand the value of strategically created content in order to build a successful and engaging website.

Bring Strategy to Your Content

Strategic content accounts for the creation, organization, and design of your web presence. All aspects of what makes your business should be communicated effectively and in your voice. If you haven’t updated your website content since your last redesign, it’s probably time to reevaluate and refresh. For many business owners, sitting down to write 5 pages of content falls to the end of the to-do list. Our job is to ensure the written content of your site reflects your brand identity and effectively resonates with your audience.

Content Strategy with 95Visual

  1. Evaluate and Dive Deep- A content strategist begins by evaluating your current website content and researching other businesses in your industry. Next, you will meet for a deep dive interview to discuss the core elements of your business and the audience your content will reach. 
  2. Strategy Brief - With a deep understanding of your business and your audience, the content strategist then creates a strategy brief of the approach and strategy that will be used to create your content. Elements in the brief include details about the key audience and how to reach them, archetypes as a voice, and strategic content architecture.
  3. First Draft - After approval on the strategy brief and ensuring the direction is correct, the first draft of content is written with the discussed elements in mind.
  4. Feedback - You and your content strategist will review the first draft in a live feedback session. This style of review is successful in keeping your project timeline on track and ensures content does not delay the design timeline. 
  5. Final Drafts - The final draft of content is presented for approval and, if you are using our design services, your new content will be featured in all mockups going forward.