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Possibly more than any other business, your insurance or finance business is about relationships and trust. Your company is handling the future of your clients with every decision and piece of advice, so for your business to thrive people have to trust and like you.

On top of the necessity to build trust with your clients, you have to find ways to get in front of them and then to distinguish yourself from your many competitors.

As an insurance or finance business, you already know how difficult and costly it is to reach and convert new customers. You might not know it, but it’s especially true for the financial and insurance industry. If you are a financial firm, the finance industry has the highest average cost per lead at almost $50/lead, and if you have an insurance business, insurance is the most expensive keyword on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis at almost $55/click.

Unless your digital agency is doing a great job of converting every lead that clicks onto your ads into a paying client, it doesn’t take complicated math to see the need for finding alternative routes to getting new business outside of expensive paid media.

That’s why it’s key for your insurance or financial business to work with a top-notch digital agency. You need an agency that understands how to distinguish your brand and convert traffic into revenue. If you choose the wrong digital agency, it is a very expensive mistake for any business, but in the fierce insurance and finance industries, the result can be deadly.

When our award-winning digital agency, 95Visual, works with an insurance or finance business, we develop a marketing plan that separates our clients from the crowd. When  handling people’s financial futures, you have to convey a sense of competency, timeliness, trust, and personalization. Your site conveys your values.

5 Key Ways 95Visual Will Grow Your Insurance or Financial Business

A good digital agency will make sure your insurance and financial business has a marketing plan that focuses on:

  • Branding your business
  • How automation can help your client and your business
  • Building you a beautiful, modern, fast website
  • Great content that brings in potential clients For Free

You need to build your business image so that customers immediately recognize your logo and know your company values. A good digital agency will make sure that your colors, logo, values and vision are consistent across your website, landing pages and ads.

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A great way our digital agency helps our clients distinguish themselves is with automation, especially in industries like insurance and finance where clients want instantaneous answers.  

From chat messengers that answer a clients basic questions and captures their essential information, to automated quotes and emails, that automate certain tasks which make you look more professional.These elements combined make your clients happier and lead to a higher conversion ratio from prospect to lead. 

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A beautiful, modern, secure and fast website

Two things will drive your clients away before they can even learn about your insurance or finance business: a slow site and an ugly, outdated site. Your digital agency will design a beautiful, modern site that loads quickly because your first impression must immediately give your prospect faith and trust in your ability to manage their financial future.

With security breaches and privacy laws both rapidly increasing, it is imperative that your company work with a digital agency that is on top of the latest best practices and methods to keep your clients information safe.

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Great content: Reach Potential clients … For Free

As we mentioned earlier, ads in the insurance and financial industries are very expensive, which is why it is imperative for you to have a great content strategy. Great content brings in traffic over the long haul, and best of all, it’s free.

Great content places your insurance or financial business in front of potential clients when they are most likely to engage with you -- when they’re looking for help with a problem. Your digital agency will write content that answers your client’s problems or gives them free information. Your target client is more likely to convert to a paying client because they now see the value, knowledge and experience you bring.

These are the minimum requirements a digital agency should provide your insurance or finance business for a successful marketing plan.

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