95Visual provides services to all different Industries. Below are a few that most of our clients fall into.
However, if you don't see the Industry of your business still feel free to reach out.

Small Business

We all know that small and medium businesses have different needs than a large corporation. As a Southern California based digital agency, 95Visual, takes pride in helping all companies grow their business in the most efficient manner. That said, being a small, rapidly growing business ourselves, we definitely understand the many different needs of the small and medium business owner and we know how to help solve them.

Construction & Engineering

As a construction company, you know that there is nothing more important than trust. From small home projects to multimillion dollar commercial real estate, if people don't trust your construction company, they won't hire you.


Academic web design is different from that of a small business or engineering company. Your business is shaping the future generation of curious minds, not a service or a physical product. As such, you need to work with a digital agency that gets that.

Hospitality & Leisure

The hospitality industry understands the importance of the guests experience - everything they do is to create an amazing experience for their clients. Your clients’ experience starts long before they book with your business. The process of choosing a hotel or restaurant most often begins with a potential customer checking out your online presence, which for most businesses, is your website.

Insurance & Finance

Possibly more than any other business, your insurance or finance business is about relationships and trust. Your company is handling the future of your clients with every decision and piece of advice, so for your business to thrive people have to trust and like you.

Media & Entertainment

Companies gain the right tools and easy access to manage their website and associated systems to allow focus to be shifted on the jobs. From locations to equipment rentals, the studio industry is brimming with needs to be met efficiently. We assess and tailor a project to meet your business’ specific needs in an optimalway. Let’s talk about your role in the industry and begin your project!