Who We Are

EST. In 2008, 95Visual is a Custom Tailored Web Application Development firm located just outside of Los Angeles, CA. We are made up of hard working, dedicated and skilled professionals who create custom web applications and enjoy doing just that. We love being based just outside of Los Angeles because we know that we can do something unique to help local businesses thrive. We take pride in the fact that we can help businesses prosper in their community.


What We Do

We utilize cutting edge technology and skills to help streamline businesses and give our clients the advantage in their development needs. Allowing their businesses to grow faster than ever before. This is achieved through partnering with the business to create a custom tailored web application that will help to fulfill the goals of the business.











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Joshua Maddux
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James Monroe
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Rick Stoner
Chief Security Officer
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Jeremiah Bergman
Brand Identity Director
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Justyn Singer
Frontend Design Director