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A client is not only hiring your company because they like your quality of work, but because they believe that you will do what you say you’re going to do. That’s why successful construction companies choose to work with a digital agency like 95Visual. As a local digital agency that works closely with the construction industry, we recognize the importance of establishing trust immediately.

Website Design & Branding

If you impress your client face to face, but your site is outdated and cheap looking, guess what, you just lost that deal to your competitor with the fresh, modern design. Does it matter that your construction company is better than theirs? Sadly no, because your company’s image online builds trust and their company is doing a better job at it than you.

Don’t let this be your construction company. Get a digital agency like 95Visual to help you close those deals and increase your revenue. Our digital agency builds beautiful, easy to navigate sites that help our construction clients showcase not only their previous beautiful projects, but also their clients. The satisfaction from previous customers, both large and small, helps build trust with your next client.

Your branding also affects how your construction company stands up next to the competition. The impression given by a well designed logo and company branding can be the key in deciding if you win that big contract. It’s the attention to detail that helps you when clients compare two companies side by side. Keeping your brand up to date and ahead of the competition is essential in today’s web and marketing climate.

Having a beautiful site and modern branding gives you immediate credibility and leverage. These are some of the first things potential clients check when they do their research on your firm. Before they decide to write you that first check, they want to know that you are investing in yourself. A digital agency earns their fee by helping you win business and not lose business.

Reputation Management

Our digital agency helps our clients separate themselves from the competition and earn their clients business by first making sure our construction clients have an immaculate online rating. We manage and monitor all ratings and site reviews to make sure our construction clients' online reputation matches their quality of craftsmanship.

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Organic Search

In today’s online marketplace, your construction site must be fast, relevant to web searches, and all in all, offer the potential client a pleasant experience. If your website is not optimized to run at lightning fast speeds, is not SEO optimized or it’s hard for everyone to find the information they’re seeking (including Google), then your website will rank poorly with Google. This poor score is a major factor in determining which page you show up on in search results. So the lower your score, the further your site will be buried and your construction business will suffer. A digital agency, like 95Visual, will work to ensure that this does not happen to your website.

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Paid Search Ads

Web searches are not the only way clients will find your construction business. As it’s always been, you need to advertise. Today’s advertising is not as simple as buying a large ad in the newspaper and hoping someone calls you.

Nowadays digital marketing is a highly skilled process that involves targeting your ads for your specific audience. A good digital agency will help you define your ideal client, help you write ads that speak to their needs and will be able to place your ads in front of them at the moment they’re most interested. This kind of targeted marketing helps a construction company do more with less money spent on marketing.

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In the construction business, you don't have time to sit around waiting for clients to call you, but you must be ready when they are. So our digital agency develops for our clients automated marketing to get important details from potential clients every step of the decision making process. From their first interaction of landing on your website to getting their contact information, our digital agency makes the sales process smoother and more enjoyable for you and your customer.

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These are just the bare essentials your digital agency should be providing to you. If you don’t have a concise marketing plan for how to grow your construction business, then you need to call 95Visual. Our digital agency will show you exactly how we can improve your reputation, revenues and trust.

It’s free, so can you afford not to call?

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