Small Business

Helping Small and Medium Sized Businesses Succeed

We all know that small and medium businesses have different needs than a large corporation. As a Southern California based digital agency, 95Visual, takes pride in helping all companies grow their business in the most efficient manner. That said, being a small, rapidly growing business ourselves, we definitely understand the many different needs of the small and medium business owner and we know how to help solve them.

Our digital agency takes pride in helping small and medium businesses thrive by automating systems that slows down their business. By freeing you up to do the jobs that bring your customers, and you, value, we help your business reach its potential faster and more efficiently. Let’s talk about your business and the specific solutions you need!

7 Guaranteed Ways We Will Grow Your Small Business
  • A Marketing Plan Specifically Designed For You & Your Customers
  • A Modern, Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Optimizing Your Website So Clients Find You Naturally (SEO)
  • Efficient, Targeted Advertising to Grow Your Brand (Paid Ads, PPC)
  • Content Your Customers Will Love To Read & Engage With
  • Automating Time-Draining Tasks
  • Reputation Management

Why does my small business need to pay a digital agency? Can’t I do this on my own? No.  Well, you can try, but one, that takes you away from what you do best, running your small business, and two, it’s not your expertise. A qualified digital agency will free you up to run your business. Instead of wasting two precious resources that you can’t get back, time and money, work with a digital agency.

So as a small business, what should you look for in a digital agency? How do you know which digital agency can help you take your business to new heights? The first thing a good digital agency will do is get to know you and your business, because that’s the only way that they can know your vision, company voice and why people should want to do business with you.

A Marketing Plan Specifically Designed For You & Your Customers

As a small business, you know it’s only becoming more and more competitive in the digital landscape. Competition is fierce for the consumer dollar, so you need a marketing plan that shows you how to get in front of your ideal customer, that sets your business apart from the competition and shows you how to convert these people into sales! To achieve this in today’s fierce marketplace, you need to work with a top flight digital agency.

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A Modern, Fast, Mobile-Friendly Website

After drafting a detailed marketing plan to let people know about your business, your business values, and why people should choose you over your competitors, a good digital agency should present you with a beautiful, modern website design, or update, that will build trust with potential customers that learns about your company.

Besides a beautiful site, your small businesses site should be optimized for speed. Your digital agency knows that it does no good to increase your website traffic if the site is ugly and slow. Not only will this turn away paying customers, Google and search engines will penalize your sites quality score, a big factor in what page you show up on in the search results.

Once your digital agency has your beautifully designed, fast website live, the next three steps are key to your small and medium business being found by your ideal client.

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Optimizing Your Website So Clients Find You Naturally (SEO)

A top notch agency like 95Visual works with clients to make sure people find their business when they’re looking for help. Making sure your website has the words and phrases that your ideal customer uses when looking for help is how you grow your business.

Our digital agency spends the time studying the data in order to know which words will increase your site traffic. This is a great, inexpensive, long term growth solution for our small and medium businesses.

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Content Your Customers Will Love To Read & Engage With

Working hand in hand with SEO is content your small business needs to have great content on your site to attract potential clients looking for answers online. A digital agency will be able to help you with content ideas, optimize your content so that it’s found and even write content for you in your company’s voice.

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Efficient, Targeted Advertising to Grow Your Brand (Paid Ads, PPC)

For small and medium businesses looking to get immediate results, paid ads is the solution. We place well written, targeted ads on networks like Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Our method of testing and adjusting gets our clients faster results, which saves them thousands in marketing costs. As a small business, we understand the need to do more with less.

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Automating Time-Draining Tasks

Automation is a great way your small to medium business can compete with your larger competitors. Automation helps level the playing field and frees up your time to focus on revenue producing tasks.

95Visual has helped numerous small business clients set up automated email funnels, and back office tasks, instead of follow-up emails, sending out the same PDF or answering the same question 1,000 times … a day.

Our agency spends time interviewing our clients to find any ways they can be more efficient in their sales process without sacrificing customer service.

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Reputation Management

You know that trust and your reputation is everything as a small business. As such, a good digital agency spends time making sure that your online reputation matches your high level of service.

An agency spends time monitoring reviews to make sure that 1 client that you could not please, or maybe never even knew was upset, damages your reputation. There are ways to protect your business from disgruntled clients, but you need a digital agency on your side putting in the time and effort.

Cost-Efficient Marketing With Higher Returns

A final benefit of working with a digital agency is cost. Cost is not only what you spend, but what you lose. If your small business hires a bad digital agency then you’ve lost a lot - time, potential clients and money.

If your current digital agency, or one you’re considering, is not offering your business these basics, then find a new one. A good agency is not always the cheapest, so make sure that you use this 7 point checklist to find the best digital agency for you and your small business.

Personally, and I might be a bit biased here, I suggest you give 95Visual a call for a strategic marketing plan from an award-winning digital agency. We at 95Visual know how important a decision this is to the survival of the business you love. We’ve been helping our small business clients grow their businesses for over 10 years. Over this period, our digital agency has received many referrals from happy clients because we’ve helped them achieve more success for our small business and at a cost lower than what traditional marketing agencies were charging.

That is why you need to call us. Can you afford not to? Is a 15 minute call with 95Visual worth saving thousands and taking your small business to the next level?