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Guardian GFCI provides shock protection for entertainment industry equipment and an exclusive dealer for Bender Lifeguard GFC. These devices are used primarily by the film industry and they help to prevent short circuits on sets that involve water. Guardian GFCI approached 95Visual with the need to update their website and to migrate it from WordPress to Drupal.

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Guardian GFCI had issues with their Wordpress website and came to 95Visual to recreate their site on Drupal. In addition to making some admin changes, we also restored old functionality that had broken. The client had to manually edit the code of each page to ensure that the styling of the page would not break. This also caused issues with content not displaying properly.


In addition to the migration from WordPress to Drupal 95Visual created a Quote Request form. The Quote Request form allows customers to submit a request by gathering the needed info to fulfill the request. Once a request for equipment is submitted it is then emailed to Guardian GFCI so that they can follow up with the customer. This form allows them to be more efficient in receiving quote request forms. Along with these changes, the user interface was also modified so that it is easier to manage content.

Guardian GFCI’s new website has allowed them to manage content significantly better due to the custom development that was done. Content migration also went smoothly because the website allows for them to upload and edit content quickly while being able to later sort the information however they choose. Creation of content has also been made easier by having various kinds of pages that involve: blogs, news, books, and other types.