SCV Locations is a location management company that rents out a variety of places to different production companies that need a realistic set for filming and/or photo shoots. SCV Locations came to 95Visual because of their need for particular development as to how the locations on their website are shown on the website.

95Visual’s custom development allowed for all locations to be a downloadable gallery for anyone who needs it and an auto-populating featured set of locations on the homepage. While browsing the galleries, there is also a set of “location features” that help to describe the property along with a group of similar locations shown at the bottom of the page to promote other properties.

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SCV Locations Before
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Kendra Holmes

SCV Locations, Inc. has been alive and thriving for the last 16 years at a capacity that suited our clientele just fine, as the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” However, with the times ever-changing and our industry growing right before our eyes we needed a platform that would suit the future and our soon to be clients even better. We needed a facelift and 95visual did just that. We chose 95visual because they are a local company that has BIG ideas for growth and technological change. Their professionalism, amazing customer service, and punctuality are just some of the many reasons why we loved working with them on this re-branding project. We wanted a new, user-friendly, and sleek website. However, we needed to maintain the original feel and service that we have been able to consistently provide to our clients via our website. 95visual was able to perfect that fragile blend of our personal input and experiences with their own ideas to create a website that was far beyond our expectations. From the initial meeting to finished product we have felt honored to work with such an amazing company and just to recommend them would be a complete understatement.

Kendra Holmes


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