Palmdale Glass

Palmdale Glass' first fold of their homepage.
1. Introduction

Palmdale Glass is a leading glass retailer and licensed contractor for residential and commercial glass in Palmdale, California. Established in 1952, the company has become a trusted repair and replacement company for customers in the Antelope, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley. The company wished to begin the new year with a fresh start to its web presence, choosing to update its content strategy, logo, and website design.

Services Provided
Content Strategy
Website Design & Development
Brand Development
Search Engine Optimization
2. Research

We began the process with a deep-dive interview to get to know the company. their typical client, and how to reach that client best through strategic content creation and design choices. The overall goal was to instill trust in the customer and assure them that the company was committed to transparency and providing sustainable solutions within their customer’s budgets. With this in mind, we created new content that focused on the customer’s concerns and anticipated frequently asked questions, while leading them to contact Palmdale Glass to experience their friendly customer support firsthand. 95Visual takes a content-first approach to all projects. We believe that cohesive, complete content is the first step to brilliant design and our clients find it helpful to see their content on the mockups during design. The content strategy process began with the Deep Dive Interview, in which our content strategist meets with leadership and project decision-makers to establish how we can reach their target audience best. Following this discussion, we created a content strategy brief, which identified the project goals and included content architecture for a thoughtful and organized sitemap. FFP leadership met with our team to review those deliverables and give approval, then our content strategist began writing the new content. After the content has been approved by the client, it is reviewed by 95Visual's designer before the mockup kickoff call.

Palmdale Glass' work done to an outdoor space.
3. Design

Following the content creation process, we dove further into conveying the message of transparency and affordable solutions through the logo and website design. The logo utilizes two panes of glass and skews them for the icon, along with showcasing their brand colors in solid bars. The website design was inspired by how open windows and glass doors can make a room feel. Whitespace was used to make the user feel a sense of openness in the layout of each page while brightening the overall design given their darker color palette.

Body Content
Palmdale Glass' featured Image-With-Text.
Image with Text

In order to showcase the imagery better for Palmdale Glass our senior designer opted to go overboard with the photography used when compared to other elements. Imagery dwarfs other content relative to it so that the big picture of how the products Palmdale Glass supplies can be seen.

Palmdale Glass' new logo designed by 95Visual.

With the request of a new logo, the idea for the icon was an emphasis on window panes and a slighty distorted version of them by having them very "angular". The typeface chosen was Cinzel as it was preferred by the client and tied with the icon quite nicely.

4. Implementation

After the content and design received final approval from the client, we moved on to the development and pre-launch stage. As with all 95Visual projects, we prioritize usability across all devices and tested the website across multiple browsers and mobile devices after the website was complete. The website has successfully launched, which can be viewed at
We highly recommend contacting Palmdale Glass for your next glass repair or replacement in the Antelope, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valleys.