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1. Introduction

Founded in the winter of 2002 by eleven business owners, the Santa Clarita Valley Business Group (SCVBG) has grown into the largest networking group in the valley. With 70 local businesses represented in membership, it emphasizes personal relationships and cross referrals among Santa Clarita's finest businesses. The group operates under the guidance of a strong board and adheres to strict attendance and referral requirements.

Project Objectives

The primary goal was to transition from an outdated WordPress platform to a more robust and efficient Drupal system. This undertaking aimed to revamp the website with advanced features like a comprehensive member system, a detailed referral system, an event system, a membership directory, and a general contact form, all underpinned by efficient administrative functionality.

A blurred photo of an SCVBG meeting

95Visual, tasked with this transition, embarked on a meticulous process of mapping and architecting each feature from the old system to the new. This included the user system, badges, referral systems, and database structures. A critical aspect was ensuring that all historical data( including 50,000 archival referrals) were accurately transferred from WordPress to Drupal, maintaining the integrity and continuity of information.


Following the final approval of content and design, 95Visual proceeded to the development and pre-launch phase, staying true to its commitment to cross-platform usability. Rigorous testing was conducted across an array of browsers and mobile devices, ensuring the website's performance was seamless and user-friendly. The culmination of these efforts was the successful launch of the SCVBG's new website, a testament to 95Visual's dedication to delivering high-caliber web solutions. The results of their work are showcased in a gallery featuring the Member Directory, Homepage, and Calendar, which illustrates the enhanced user experience and functionality of the platform.

Body Content
SCVBG calendar page
SCVBG the first fold of the member directory
Member Directory

The project faced significant challenges, particularly due to the custom-coded nature of the old referral system, which lacked comprehensive documentation and was difficult to decipher. Ensuring the migration of data linked to former members to preserve referral history was another complex task. However, member adoption of the new system post-launch was remarkably smooth, with minor issues being promptly addressed.


Post-transition, the SCVBG website experienced a notable increase in search engine rankings. Keywords like "businesses in Santa Clarita" placed the membership directory on Google's first page. Furthermore, the site achieved first-page ranking for individual business names and their industry categories, substantially boosting organic visibility for member businesses.

Extended Solutions

In tandem with the digital overhaul, 95Visual extended its expertise into the tangible realm, crafting a suite of print materials that bolstered the SCVBG's brand visibility. The deliverables, exemplified by the provided print work sample, adhered to the same standard of excellence as the digital platform. Additionally, 95Visual launched a strategic social media campaign, further amplifying SCVBG’s outreach and engagement with both existing and prospective members. This integrated approach ensured a consistent brand experience across all mediums, reinforcing the group's commitment to excellence and community connectivity.

Mockup of the SCVBG 2022 Tri-fold

The successful transition of the SCVBG website to Drupal marked a significant milestone in the group's digital presence. Overcoming technical challenges and complexity, the new website not only enhanced the group's online visibility but also streamlined its internal operations, setting a precedent for the effective use of technology in business networking groups.

Christine Inglis
Christine Inglis - President

I am the President of a local non-profit. 95Visual recently took over our website and has done a fantastic job. If you need anything, Josh is a wealth of knowledge and so easy to work with. We've been so happy with his services!