Randal Winter Construction

mockup of an iMac showing the homepage of Randal Winter Construction

Randal Winter Construction, a renowned construction company in Santa Clarita, sought to revitalize its online presence to reflect its professional image and authority in the industry. The company aimed to attract a specific clientele - those with disposable income seeking high-quality home expansion services, including ADUs. To achieve this, they partnered with 95Visual, a leading website design and development agency, to overhaul their existing website.

Project Objectives

This project had several key goals, aimed at elevating the company's online presence to attract high-end clients seeking home expansion services. The objectives included:

  • Improving the website's user experience to appeal to a discerning clientele.
  • Enriching the site with comprehensive information on residential services, enhancing organic search traffic, and boosting Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Creating specialized pages for each residential service offered, to reinforce the website's SEO and draw in more focused organic traffic.
  • Introducing an in-depth page about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to highlight the company's specialized knowledge in this field.
Upper view of an upper-middle class backyard home. There's a pool with 4 pool seats and the home in the background
Body Content

95Visual embarked on a strategic overhaul of the website with equal focus on content, design, and functionality. The strategy included:

  • A complete content revamp, re-evaluating and enriching the website's content to provide more value to the targeted audience.
  • Upgrading the visual elements of the site to showcase Randal Winter Construction's high-quality work, with a focus on clean, professional imagery that highlights the types of projects the company excels in.
  • Enhancing the site's architecture for better user engagement and navigation, particularly on mobile devices.

The project encountered a significant challenge in the form of duplicate content from old blog posts on the original website. Addressing this involved:

  • Conducting a thorough content audit to identify and rectify duplicate content.
  • Strategically repurposing or removing redundant content to streamline the website and enhance its SEO performance.

The revamped website marked a significant milestone for Randal Winter Construction:

  • The new site features a cleaner, more professional look, with improved mobile compatibility and faster load speeds.
  • The overall website presence has been elevated, aligning more closely with the company's vision and target clientele.
  • Early indicators show a positive trend in user engagement and SEO performance.

The collaboration between Randal Winter Construction and 95Visual has been a resounding success. The new website not only elevates the company's digital presence but also strategically positions it to attract and engage with its ideal clientele. The project stands as a testament to the power of strategic website design and development in enhancing a company's market positioning and reaching business goals.