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GLORY SCV is a community-run event that features live music, local vendors, and a family-friendly environment for all their attendees. To elevate this event we worked with GLORY SCV organizer Barry McKeever to bring constant updates to the website and print designs from 2014 to 2018. 


Gracefest SCV 2014

Gracefest SCV was GLORY's starting point in 2014. The primary goal for Gracefest SCV was to create a Christian music festival featuring national and local Christian artists and worship bands in Santa Clarita, CA. Gracefest AV was already doing this in the Antelope Valley and Gracefest SCV would utilize the same model the first year.
Logo Gracefest
Gracefest Website

Glory 2015

After the first year of Gracefest SCV, we worked to establish the event as its own entity and lay the foundation for future events. Thus rebranding to GLORY was pivotal to the future of the event. 95Visual was brought in to provide this rebrand, create the needed assets, and design/create a new website. Thanks to the creative direction of Jeremiah Bergman, the next four years would help to shape a lasting style for GLORY. Working together with Barry McKeever, head organizer of GLORY, we were able to create a new and fresh brand that helped to set GLORY apart.
Glory Website 2015
GLORY Logo 2015

GLORY 2016

In 2016 we worked with GLORY once again to update the website, social media, and print material for GLORY 2016. Creating memorable pieces ranging from band meet-and-greet badges and social media banners promoting the event to t-shirts all helped to reinforce the brand image. This helped to refine the brand direction and furthered the look & feel to become even more of GLORY's identity.
Glory 2016 Flyer
GLORY 2016 Shirt
Meet and Greet badge

Glory 2017

Shortly after 2016's GLORY came to an end it was time to start planning for 2017. This planning included a website redesign while print media and logo received minor layout changes, in relative terms.

Due to the website being two years old at this time, it was appropriate to bring the style up to date to current trends. This big overhaul added in a prominent band section on the homepage along with a sizable header region for announcements. Other changes to the website included a modified color palette that made use of the current "GLORY Blue" and with some tweaking, the "GLORY Light Blue" was created to be used as a secondary color.

Glory Website 2017
GLORY 2017 Poster
GLORY Meet-and-Greet

GLORY 2018

For GLORY 2018, big changes were made to their print media and logo, especially when compared to the previous years and the minor changes that came with them. The refresh of 2018's print media came in the form of brighter colors overall, as well as sweeping layout changes. Bigger empty spaces and text design were the two most noticeable changes for items such as the flyers and posters. 

Along with these changes came the new adaptable logo. This new logo kept the same base text logo "GLORY" but would add any of the following to the logo as needed: location, year, and/or type of event. This update would allow for expansion of the GLORY brand to other places while keeping the primary logo true to its roots but also making it unique to the new locations.
GLORY 2018 Banner
GLORY 2018 Shirt
GLORY Logo 2018
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