Field Chasing


Field Chasing provides Field Chasing, Process Serving & Notary Services to the Southern California area.

Service Provided

Field Chasing recognized that technology was crucial to the success of their business and their customers' businesses. They further recognized that printing out jobs and making notes by hand was a waste of resources, time and money. As a result, they knew something needed to change.

When Field Chasing came to us they expressed the issue of their agents having to print out job orders and then make notes on each printout. This then required office staff to read and type up all the notes that were made on each job print out. This redundant work was not allowing their business to grow and causing delays in cases. Field Chasing works with Lending and Finance companies to provide them with updated on each case and the longer it takes for a response the longer it takes to close the case.

We were contracted to build a custom web application that would allow their agents to log in, in the field, and see jobs, make notes and even uploading photos. Furthermore, they wanted the Lending and Finance companies to be able to go online and open new cases and review existing ones. 

The custom web application offers the ability to place, view and print case responses and invoices. The Field Chasing agents utilize the web application in the field to provide real-time information on the status of the cases. This allows them to provide the customer with a detailed written report and include digital photographs if requested.

We are constantly utilizing advancements in technology to improve our service levels and increase our efficiency. 95Visual provided this new custom web application that allowed us to achieve our goals.

Jaime Carmona