Crew Protection


Crew Protection is a security company that specializes in the film industry and executive security.

This website is no longer live

Crew Protection Logo


The goal for their website was to create a relatively easy way to enlist their service for any future and current clientele. Previously they had a simple site that would allow for them to be contacted but there was a need for more functionality and that is when they approached 95Visual.


The next step was to assess what would be needed for the future of the website. Once that was finished the site was then developed to support various functions such as a secure payable option for service orders and a multi-step “Application for Employment” page.

Along with those services added to their site, there was also a complete redesign of the entire website to give everything a new feel. This includes color overlays to images, flat colors for text, and the whole using the three colors that are a part of Crew Protection’s brand: Gray, Yellow, White.