Acton Youth Camp Mockup


Acton Youth Camp was designed to capture the youthfulness and energy for the camp. This lead to the choice of vibrant colors within its logo design and overall site branding.

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AYC Logo Asset

About the Project

Acton Youth Camp (AYC) is a project that was brought to us with very little information other than a name and an idea of what they wanted AYC to represent; a safe, fun environment providing activities and games for all ages from families to corporate team building. Beginning with the logo design, the choice was made to use vibrant primary colors to promote the youthfulness AYC was looking for. 

The rest of the site was designed around a playful mindset to convey the upbeat and energetic feeling found on location at AYC. Acton Youth Camp is a prime example of how here at 95Visual we aspire to provide unique custom designed websites catered to a company’s ideals and message through its logo, colors, and website layout.