It Pays to Choose the Right SEO Keywords

Why are correct SEO keywords so important?

Can they actually make a difference in how much traffic you get or how many sales you make? Yes, they can, and do, make a big difference. Keywords are the very basis of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work you do. In this post, we will explain how to narrow down your keyword choices to gain the best results. For today's purpose, you are a photographer.

How People Search

People who are looking for something on the Internet will search in one of two ways. Those in the research stage will use more general terms. A person who wants to get their dog photographed by a professional may type "pet photographer" or "pet photographer in (city name)”. They may also simply put in "pet photography". This person is looking to compare pricing and information on photographers.

The second type of searcher is looking to buy now. They know what they want and are more likely to use longer, more specific search phrases. They may type "dog photographer in (city) that does home shoots" or "photographer that photographs black dogs". Someone with a black dog who knows the difficulty of photographing such animals would search the last term.

How This Helps You

The second type of searcher would be ready to hire a pet photographer now. Since their terms were specific, and you used those specific terms as keywords, your site will not only be closer to the top of search results, but maybe the only site in your area. Chances of them hiring you are much greater. They know you photograph pets, are willing to come to their home, or have experience shooting black pets. They know this because the keywords on your site match the search terms being used. Your keywords helped get you that sale.

If you use the more general keywords, the number of hits you receive will vary. If you are the only photographer in a tiny town and someone uses the term "pet photographer in (your town)", you'll receive the majority of hits. But if you live in a large city, the number of pet photographers may be so high that your website doesn't show up until the third or fourth page. It will be hard to find you because someone using that general search is only researching and won't go past the first couple of pages. For the term "pet photography" your chances are even less because these searchers are divided between people looking for photographers and people looking for info on how to photograph pets. This last group, if they click on your website, are likely to go somewhere else. That is, unless you have a blog that has articles on how-to posted.

But I Do Other Things...

As a photographer, you are likely to take many types of photos (family groups, individual portraits, pets, kids, weddings, etc). Does focusing keywords around pets cut other potential clients from finding you? No, because you aren't only focusing on "pet photography" on your website. You are using that set of keywords and phrases on only some of your pages. On other pages, you probably have terms such as "family portraits in (your city)" or "LGBT-friendly wedding photographer". Consider how few results people will get if they search for "lizard photographers in (your city). More than likely, even in large cities, that won't be many.

Each type of photography you do requires its own set of specialized keywords. These are sprinkled throughout specific web pages. You do not need to use the same set of keywords on every page of your website. The purpose of keywords is to get your site high on the first page of search engine results. Once people find you, then they can see the variety of your services.

Final Thoughts

It would be nice to rank number one for general terms such as "photographer" or even "photographer in (your city)”. Reality says that isn't possible unless you are famous or the only photographer in your city. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not doable! The more specific your keywords are, the more hits you will receive. The more hits you receive, the more likely those hits will be coming from individuals who are ready to buy. This translates into more sales for you. Basing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts around these narrowed terms allows you to attract the people who want what you have to offer. Ask yourself how you can narrow your business down to small categories and then work on finding the perfect keywords to attract those customers!


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