Aspects of Good Web Design

There are several aspects to having a good and effective website design. Besides the visual aspect, usability is the primary goal when creating/redesigning a website.


The first aspect is the user experience and ease of navigation through the site. In many cases when someone is browsing your web site, they will be in a hurry. They are going to leave your website if they are not able to find their way through. Functionality is at the heart of what the website does, if your website can work the way users are expecting or at least willing to, then you’re on your way to a good website. It is critical that you think about the user’s experience when contemplating any big decision for your website. 


The second aspect of Good Web Design is to make sure that you keep the website similar across the board. This means that the certain elements need to be in the same place on every page across your website. Every page of the website should have the same colors and style. This prevents customers confusion and is the best way to get visitors accompanied to the website. Clients will feel a lot more comfortable about browsing around with each page clearly laid out through an appealing design. 


The third aspect of Good Web Design (and most important) is to make sure the website obviously does what it was meant to do in the best possible way. And will it work. The internet is made for websites and their variety of jobs, projects, developments both simple and strenuous. Make sure it’s practical in its own field, giving your site the maximum potential. You may want to sacrifice visual aspects for a better user function, but the best websites will strive to meet both the best user experience while also being visually stunning.


The fourth aspect of Good Web Design is to remember that less is more. Blank space is your friend! Organization is critical! Don’t over do it with graphics, and don’t clutter your navigation with unnecessary links. You want to clearly display who you are and what you do in the quickest, most simplistic way possible. Everyone will have a goal in mind when they visit your site, make sure they can find it while leaving a good impression at the same time. No one wants to click through several pages to get where they want; keep it minimal.


The fifth aspect of Good Web Design is to look visually appealing and engaging. Strong design, contrast, spacing, typography, all together beautifying the brand. The best way to do this is by really nailing down the look and feel of your company. What exactly is your brand? And we don’t mean your logo. Design your look, and know what the company is about, then start to build the design that will intertwine with functionality and each of the other aspects of web design. 

These are the aspects of an effective Santa Clarita web design.