4 Ted Talks You Should Watch if You're Thinking of Working Remote

Have you ever considered working remotely? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a new job opening that allows for remote work? Or been required by forces beyond us to work remote for an undefined amount of time, only to find that you rather enjoyed it? Here are some TED Talks that may convince you to keep working remotely or even start to look for remote positions in your field!

In this TED Talk, Nicholas Bloom talks about erasing the work from home stereotypes by exploring the history of working in an office. He follows up by showing us how working from home increases productivity, reduces pollution, and ultimately cuts costs on office space, therefore, garnering more profit.

Justin Jones hosts this TED Talk about working from home and reiterates the loss of productivity, cooperation, and creativity that is caused by long commutes to work. He also goes into detail about building a remote working network from the ground up when he lost his remote working job.

Kavi Guppta talks about the Remote Work Revolution. Kavi goes into depth about how remote working paves the way for more opportunities for travel, work/life balance, and even wage increases. He hypothesizes what individuals, companies and governments can do to further enrich the idea of remote work as a normal, valid lifestyle.

In this TED Talk, Jay Hayes highlights how remote working has benefitted his personal life and how he overcame the struggle to keep work and life separate. Hayes shines light on how working remotely has increased his structural and organizational skills as he took up practicing certain methods to keep on track.

So are you convinced yet? If you are, we created a blog post about working remotely with various resources to look through. Here at 95Visual, we work remotely 3+ days out of the week, and we have found that doing so has increased the productivity and morale of our employees. If you’re ready to take the next step in your remote working journey, we wish you the best! Feel free to share your story with us on social media, we would love to hear your tips and success.