How to Increase the Net Worth of Your Business

The end goal for any investor or company owner is always to increase their net worth. For many investors and entrepreneurs, building a self-supporting business portfolio with substantial returns is the primary challenge. 

Many financial analysts argue that there is little correlation between technology and the company’s improved financial performance.

However, they also argue that if well-utilized technology and business applications can help improve its net worth. Improved financial performance in many technology firms is centered around the exploitation of innovative services and products which push them to make a strong investment in research and development. Business applications are also sometimes used in the company’s operations.

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Additionally, 95Visual provides custom web applications to help optimize and streamline your business operations. 95Visual also provides custom business software which helps in redefining the company’s operations. This helps in avoiding redundancy and unnecessary tasks. But how are these technologies and applications essential in improving a business’s net worth?

Financial Management, Planning, and Analysis

Some business applications and software are used to control costs. A company’s workflow depends on how fast decisions are made. Financial management and planning software help managers make decisions and plan quickly based on real-time financial data. 

These applications are used for strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, analyzing financial information, and enterprise performance management among others. These help the company in increasing tracking and checking on costs, improving its profitability and aligning its operations in line with its strategy.

Developing and Executing a Marketing Strategy

Some business applications and software help companies tailor their energy and resources towards a single marketing strategy. They do this by assisting in managing expenses and budgets as well as make real-time adjustments to their sales strategies and also increasing their pitching capacity.

These applications also enable companies to quickly react to opportunities in the market, improve transparency and evaluate performance. Companies can effectively align demand against sales by generating and nurturing leads and converting them into sales.

The business software enables companies to design and manage marketing campaigns and swiftly adopt strategic decisions basing on Return on Investment (RoI) and performance. By increasing partnerships with agencies, vendors, and partners, a company can share ideas and crowdsource the best ideas and tips.

Boosting Customer Service Excellence to Increase the Business's Net Worth

Digital applications enable companies to understand their customers and to solve their problems in a quick and efficient way. This way, businesses can go beyond customer expectations, offer added value and win their loyalty. This, in turn, translates to additional revenue and increases the business's net worth. 

Tailoring Production to Customer Needs

By using business applications, a company is able to engage customers with relevant information and offers meant to boost the refined sectors. The company can understand market niches and produce according to demand and schedule. 

Streamlining Supply Networks

The company is also able to optimize its supply channels which helps strengthen the partnership with the suppliers and enforce compliance. The company can shorten planning cycles, reduce inventory levels, and beef up the quality of service to supply.

This way, the company operates on a consumer-driven, scalable, flexible and cost-effective platform. All of this translates to improved efficiency, increased production and cost-cutting, and improved business's net worth. Business supply applications enable companies to keep in touch with suppliers as well as outsourced manufacturers from several supply networks.

The company also has seamless collaborations across demand, supply, as well as inventory replenishment processes. By keeping in touch with suppliers and consumers, the company is able to actively react to change in demand and supply shortages. In short, the company proactively plays the intermediary role linking between the supplier and consumers.

Workers and Talent Management

By using the right applications and software, a company is able to hire, train, and develop the right talents. Additionally, the company is able to improve the level of engagement among its employees as well as business outcomes by retaining only the right skills and talents on board.

These pieces of software offer HR managers the right tools to easily measure, proactively act, and clearly communicate ability results as well as impacts to the business.

Companies are also able to accelerate and automate workforce attendance and time management.

Employees are empowered to effectively and efficiently manage time-related information even on mobile devices. Managers can also access information from team members, and quickly approve requests for time off.

Time, record planning, and absence planning are efficiently taken care of using business software. Human capital analysis applications enable the manager to improve employee results as well as reduce risks.

A Technical World

Today's world is largely based in the technical realm. Even those who have businesses centered around the arts need to invest in tech and business applications to be noticed by the world. Not investing in these things can make your business standstill, and even fail, while the rest of the world quickly leaves you behind. Things like custom business applications and project management software doesn't need to be confusing. Let's take a look at the most important things you need to do in order to grow.

Project Management Software

Nearly sixty percent of business executives in one survey replied that “having a strong project management system in place was essential for business growth.” In addition, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit survey “Ninety percent of global senior executives ranked project management methods as either critical or somewhat important to their ability to deliver successful projects and remain competitive.”

Project management software offers many advantages. It is the best way to make sure your projects stay on track, which creates dependability in the eyes of your customers. Such a system keeps you from wasting time, overspending, and being able to manage several of the aspects of a project all in one place.

Build a Brand

People don't only need to be able to find you but they also need to be able to remember you. Building a strong brand puts you ahead of the competition in that it is you and your company that comes to mind first when people are in the market for what you have to offer.

Your business's net worth is strongly dependent upon not only the money you make but also the ability you have to bring customers back to you time after time. By developing a strong brand, you help let people know that you exist, and you build trust, which is absolutely necessary for a successful business. This will cement the idea that you are connected to your product or service in people's minds. Building a brand is something you need to do, now.

Increase Assets

Increasing assets involves increasing the money-making aspects of your business so they can exceed your costs. Increasing assets can vary from hiring more highly-trained employees to utilizing custom created software that helps put you ahead of the competition by helping your employees work faster and more efficiently.


Too often you see companies that want to spread their knowledge over many different areas in order to reach a wider audience. This is actually a mistake. By spreading your efforts, you are unable to give the full attention to any one aspect of the business and this creates a mediocre product or service. By specializing, you are able to perfect that one thing to the point where no competition can compare. This creates a situation where you are the go-to person because you gain a reputation for quality.

Things You Can Do Today

Increasing your business's net worth is something that won't take place overnight. There are things you can do now, however, that will set you on the correct road. Today, you can start increasing your net worth by:

1. Investing in a decent project management system. 
2. Finding out where custom software can help improve production and working on that. 
3. Take time to set up social media accounts and start strengthening your brand. 
4. Update your website so that it’s optimized for search results and has enough pull to convert visitors into buyers. 

Owing or investing in a business can be done for many reasons, but ultimately the goal is to increase the business's net worth in order to realize an increasing profit. The Internet is full of information meant to help you do this, but weeding through all the information to find the things that can be applied to your particular situation is often time-consuming and frustrating. It is our hope that this will help make your quest to increase your business's net worth easier.