5 Things your website must have - Part 1

It should be said that when creating a website, you are given freedom to design that sucker however you please. Keep in mind that like most things in the business world, every website has a few must haves.

1. A Clean and Easy Homepage

It should go without saying that welcoming your customer into your website with a good homepage is essential. Make sure to have a homepage that is clean and easy. That means having no clutter, a clean design to appeal to the modern design palate, and being easy to navigate. Keep a distance from throwing too much information on the first page, and be articulate with the information that you do choose to show.

2. Where You Are Located

Most of the time, customers will simply visit a company’s website to figure out where they are located instead of calling. Because of this, be sure to include your organizations full address on your website and maybe even link it to Google Maps. People love that, and it’s easy. Be sure to display that information in a section that is easy to find without needed to go through half of your website to find it. A good place to put it is in your “Contact Us” section.

3. Details Regarding Your Service

Really though, this one should definitely go without saying. When a consumer navigates to a website, they usually go with the intention of learning more about the organization’s products or services. Really now, this one is a no-brainer. Have a section to hold details regarding the services you provide. For example, if your website if for your carpet cleaning company, be sure to include information about your services. Talk a little about your cleaning process, list your prices, and be articulate! It will save a lot of time on the phone with customers, and will go a long way towards making your website a useful tool.

Be sure to come back for part 2!