Website Speed & Usability

No one wants to be stuck staring at a loading webpage, where the only apparent progress in the loading process is a spinning icon. The days of lengthy dial up Internet connections are long gone; today’s generation wants everything to be done immediately. When it comes to technology, it seems no one is patient enough to wait more than a few seconds for anything to work. That is why many search engines have begun paying attention to the loading speed of websites. They realize that slower websites not only receive less traffic, but those who are waiting for those sites to load do not stay on that page for very long. In order to make the search engines more efficient, the loading speed of a site is considered when ranking similar websites on the search engine’s page.

This means that having a faster web page can help boost your website’s ranking on major search engines. While engines such as Google admit that the speed of the site does not rank as highly as its relevancy in a search, it does make an impact. A page that has serious problems loading will not be ranked as highly on the page as those websites that load within ten or twenty seconds, since ranking them equally would be inefficient. However, those sites that have equal or relatively equal loading times will not be affected by this search engine optimization function since, as mentioned before, the relevancy of a website in a search is more important than the time it takes for the web page to load.

Speeding up your website can be helpful in other ways, too, such as saving and bringing in business revenue. Faster websites have been proven to reduce operating costs and attract customers. When people abandon your site to visit a faster one, they are less likely to return to your site, knowing that it is going to be too slow for their liking. However, having a fast and efficient site attracts those who are leaving other websites that are too slow, increasing your traffic rate.

95Visual works hard to make sure your website stays up to speed. We want to make sure that you are as close to being at the top of Google’s search lists as you can get, and that customers will keep coming back to your site again and again.