5 Things your website must have - Part 2

In part 1, we talked about just a few must-haves for your website. Well, we’re back for part 2 to give you more tips towards filling your website up with the must-haves. Let’s get to it!

4. Social Media Links (Facebook/Twitter Icons)

Assuming you’ve been following any of our other posts, you know how important social networking can be for your organization. Because of this, be sure to have links to all your social media pages located in an easy to find area as a constant on your website. But be sure not to just have a link floating around in your “Contact Us” section, modern websites have strayed from that approach. Modern website designs have made it a must-have to include stylish Facebook, Twitter, etc. icons located on every page of the website in any easy to find spot. This will go a long way towards making your website seeming fresh and modern while also providing your customers with links to further their experience with your company. It’s a must-have!

5. “Contact Us”

Okay, we’ve had a lot to say about your website’s “Contact Us” section, but we have to ask, you DO have a “Contact Us” section, right? Other than your homepage, The “Contact Us” section on your site will be the most visited portion of your website. The section should include almost everything we’ve discussed in this 2-part series. That includes your contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, your organization’s physical address coupled with a link to Google Maps, and those Social Media icons we were just talking about. Also, many websites have included a form used for contacting your business with all inquiries shooting straight over to your company email address, very handy. The “Contact Us” section is found on probably 99% of business websites, don’t be the 1%!

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