Get More Traffic ( Pt.2 )

Get ready for Part 2 in our series dedicated to helping you drive more web traffic towards your website!

Social networking has become one of the fastest growing cultural phenomenons of all time. In under a decade, Facebook has claimed the hearts of minds of 800 million+ people. Twitter grows faster by the day as more people realize that it’s not just used to let followers know when you’re using the bathroom, but that it can be used as a fun social playground as well as a useful business tool. Most organizations promote new products through their Twitter accounts which are broadcasted to thousands if not millions of users worldwide in an instant.

Now, how does your organization get started with social networking? Well, we’re here to let you know that it will cost you nothing, and you won’t have to hire a Facebook “specialist” to help you out either. It’s as easy as logging into your Facebook account and making a “Page” named after your website. From there, it’s as simple as posting statuses about new products or news to keep bumping your page up on your followers’ new feeds. You should also be sure to link any YouTube videos your company has to the Facebook page as well, generating more views. Like I said in part 1, more views = more traffic.

To make a Twitter account, it’s as simple as going to Twitter’s website and making a new account under a username associated with your organization. From there, it’s simplest to link your Twitter and Facebook Page together to keep the content flowing on both social platforms. And remember to make sure to comment or tweet back at followers with questions or comments about your posts. This works towards keeping followers engaged in your community services.

The world of social networking grows larger and larger by the hour, and your organization can use that to your benefit. Come back soon for part 3!