Is Your Website Harming Your Business?

Opening your small business was an exciting time for you. You studied everything you could find on how to succeed in the world of internet sales and tried to put all you read into action. You put up a website and filled it with content. You set up a way to track your email subscribers, created a short-term marketing plan, joined all the social media sites. You looked forward to the thousands of subscribers you knew you would soon get. The thing is, those customers never materialized beyond a minimal amount. What went wrong?

What to Put in Your "About Page"

Your website is among your most powerful selling tools, and the "soft sell" can work to your advantage. The About page is one of the less-discussed parts of your website but it is just as important as any squeeze page or landing page when it comes to customer trust. Having an About page is not enough -- it should be easy to read and represent you honestly. Our "About Us" page is the third most viewed page on our website, it gets more traffic than any of our "services" or "portfolio" pages.

QR Codes

Advertising is one of the more effective ways to grow your business, and modern technology has done wonders to improve how advertising is done. Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are small square barcodes that, when scanned, execute electronic commands to suit almost whatever use.



Investing In Your Website

It’s one thing to go out and have someone put together a decent website for you, but to invest in a website that’s build to last is another thing entirely. I cannot tell you how often it is that I stumble across a website that is improperly maintained, lacking in design, and just plain lazy.

A Site Customers Will Love

Pleasing customers is one of the top priorities to most (well-meaning) companies, and as such, it’s essential to have a website that your customers will enjoy visiting. Here are some tips to building a website your customers will love so much that they’ll keep coming back.