A Site Customers Will Love

Pleasing customers is one of the top priorities to most (well-meaning) companies, and as such, it’s essential to have a website that your customers will enjoy visiting. Here are some tips to building a website your customers will love so much that they’ll keep coming back.

1. Consider Your Business Goals

Where are you planning on going with your company? Surely you can’t plan on staying as is and not making progress! Customers love to see businesses they love grow, just look at Apple and Google! Millions of people follow those companies adamantly, waiting patiently for whatever innovations are next for both companies. Pursue your goals, and show your customers the progress you are making.

2. Get Feedback (and use it!)

The only reason any company ever thrives is because people like them. Thing is, most people can’t make something that everyone will love first try; they usually have to build that reputation. Ever wonder why iPhones and Android phones have only gotten better and more likable over the past few years? Well that’s thanks to the manufactures’ ability to listen to and apply customer feedback into generating fantastic products. Now go out and do the same with your website! 

3. Focus On What You Do

Let’s say, your website is based around your family-owned car wash, the site shouldn’t contain content about puppies and kittens. Focus on what your website is for, and base content around it. Customers often ask for things they would like added to your catalog, but be sure to stick tight to your original focus. Be sure to include coupons, information, news, and tips relevant to what your organization is all about on your website. Be sure not to post YouTube videos from your recent family vacation on your website. Unless you have some sort of business having to do with that?

4. Plan to Update the Site

When launching a website, it is important to have content already in the barrel ready to be added to the website when the time is right. Customers need something to keep them coming, whether it’s a new product or a helpful article. Before launching your site, maybe you should have some articles already written and ready to be put up on a moment’s notice. Or maybe new product line ready to be added to your catalog. Always have content planned!