QR Codes

Advertising is one of the more effective ways to grow your business, and modern technology has done wonders to improve how advertising is done. Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are small square barcodes that, when scanned, execute electronic commands to suit almost whatever use.

Originally created by a Toyota subsidiary to be used for tracking vehicles currently undergoing manufacturing, QR codes have been slowly gaining popularity in mainstream advertising. Because of the growing popularity of smartphones, QR codes have seen a lot of use do to the ability for a phone to scan a code and be taken to a specific URL, product page, etc.   

To get a QR code is simple, just head over to a site like http://www.beetagg.com/en/ or http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ and follow their easy instructions. You might even learn about some of QR’s other uses while you’re at it! It is important to make sure that the QR goes somewhere that is mobile friendly since all or most of its users will do so from a mobile device. If your website has a mobile site, have it link to that.

Once you have your code put together, simply slap it on all of your advertisements, it’s as easy as that really. But be sure to have some fun with where you put it. Perhaps your business is near a sidewalk that sees a lot of foot traffic, why not slap a large QR code on your front door so that curious passerby are able to find out more about your organization without needing to go in and look around. People are busy these days!

Avoid trying to overuse QR codes, and use common sense when choosing what to apply it on. For instance, there is a popular meme making the rounds featuring an advertisement to a homeless shelter featuring a QR code and little other information. This is just silly considering not very many homeless people have smart phones! Use discernment, your organization might even be better off without the embarrassment of a poorly used QR.

With rapid advancements in modern technology, it’s easy to get behind the competition. Don’t be the company with irrelevant advertising techniques!