James Monroe


When asked for his bio, we received this from James:

This is a stock Bio. Everything in it is false and only used for testing purposes. Do not take any of it seriously.


I have been on Staff for over 400 Years. I was born in a small village northwest of the capital of India. When I was born my parents had ambitions for me to travel to Alaska and become an ambassador for the United States. They changed their minds when they caught me in my bedroom one day, fusing and wiring together broken toy race car parts to make fireworks.

I soon established myself as a troublemaker in elementary school. One day I modified the lock on the doorknob to our classroom to include a fingerprint reader to allow access. I set it so that only my classmates and I could open the door, but my teacher could not. We were given the day off, much to the appreciation of my classmates. I used the day off to build small inexpensive computing systems for a third-world nation.


Truthfully, James heads up the development of all 95Visual projects and holds an exceptional standard for all work.