Crucial Homepage Elements Your Website Should Have

The homepage of a website is the reflection of the entire website as a whole. It’s the first impression that your ideal customer gets of your business. Many businesses have trouble with high bounce rates after launching a website. A high bounce rate means that people are coming to your website but aren’t staying for very long. Now you’re probably wondering: what exactly should be on the homepage to get your ideal customer hooked? We’ve got a few answers to that question but first you need to know a thing or two about SEO, or search engine optimization.

The True Cost of a Website

As a small business, you know that you need a website. But you don't want to spend all of your profits, or your marketing budget for the year, on a new website. We get it, you're a business owner and you want to be able to make sure that a new website doesn't break the bank. Buying a website is like buying a new vehicle, you want to make sure that the website has the correct features needed to support the business. The cost, however, seems like a mystery when you start asking people.

What is a Mobile-First Approach and Why Should I Do It?

Web design is ever changing. Looking back, designers only had to worry about how a website looked on different browsers while using a computer. As the increase of mobile devices began, web designers would make two versions of a website: one for screen sizes that could fit on a desk and one for devices that could fit in a hand. A significant amount of people were left frustrated during this time as they would visit a website on their mobile device and it would not look the same as on their computer.

Taking Steps Toward Your Website Goals

Many people made New Year's resolutions at the beginning of the year, but around this time, their goals seem distant. You haven't used your gym membership in three weeks, and you're hitting snooze on the alarm again. We lose track of time, and before we even realize, you're far from accomplishing your goals. But, if you have an established plan to follow, you can get right back on track!

6 Most Common UX Mistakes

Is your website designed to look appealing, convey information and/or give visitors an experience they cannot forget? Though all three points are important it is the third point where your website may not be living up to its full potential. That is where UX design comes in. Unlike UI design, UX design is all about the customer experience. Your website may be the first place visitors can learn about you and your product/service and suffice to say that you want that experience to be a positive one.

What is a Splash Page and Should I Have One?

You’ve probably run into more than your share of splash pages as you wander around the internet. You click on a link to a website and a page pops up that may have a short film, slide show or other animation. It contains the site name in bold, impossible to miss font. There may also be a chance to choose how you want to view the website and information on the specs necessary to get the most out of the site. This is a splash page. At one time, these pages were very successful, but they are becoming less so.

How to Choose a Domain Name

The perfect domain name for your website is simply “,” correct? Well, if yours happens to be a household name that would probably be true, but the chances are that isn't the case. The best domain name brings potential customers to you quicker than your competition. Not everyone can be the top keyword search on Google, but with the proper domain name, the chances of being found by your ideal customer increase. When asked about how to choose the best domain name, we suggest the following criteria.

What Is a Landing Page and How Can It Help

A landing page is not to be confused with your website's homepage. You only have one homepage, and it is a gateway to all other areas of your site. It also contains a variety of information to help visitors get an idea of who you are and what you are all about. You can have any number of landing pages. These pages concentrate on only one subject and are meant to feature one product or service. Landing pages are not found in your site's menu but are arrived at through individual links. Potential clients can click on these links through ads or on social media.

Increasing Loyalty Through Exceptional UX

The number one type of customer that a business should want at any time is a loyal one that keeps coming back. The urge to have loyal customers is the reason companies put their effort on customer retention. Loyalty is a fickle thing in the world of business, whether it’s retail or business-to-business. And you can lose loyalty in a second to an unfavorable interaction. Given the access available on the Internet, many companies are starting to realize their site can be negative if not managed properly.