Why You Should Modify YouTube Videos to Blog Posts

Marketing is crucial to every business. The variety of avenues you use to get your message across is also essential. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" is so true when talking about your marketing efforts. What most people don't know is that with a little work each marketing path connects to the same destination: the sale. Your job is to find ways to make each marketing path connect with another. For example, start with linking your website to your social media accounts so that your website visitors can easily follow you. Another way is by modifying YouTube videos to work on your blog posts.

Video is Engaging

We are a visual species. Short attention spans and multitasking make videos the preferred medium for obtaining information. By including YouTube videos, you speak to both these tendencies and become the go-to place for information. It sends the message to visitors that you understand what they want and you are willing to work to provide it.

You Can Add Information

The video you include with your written post can be used to enhance the information you are writing about, or it can add related information. In the second case, it helps to increase your ability to be seen as an expert in your field. For example, you write a post about building a fence with pallets. Now, you can add a video that demonstrates a variety of ways to decorate a wooden fence or a video that shows how to make a vertical garden from pallets. Both build on the written information, giving your visitors even more useful information. They leave feeling their time was well spent.

It Stands Out

Few businesses are currently using videos on their blogs. This means that you will stand out from other businesses in your niche. Consider visiting two different businesses blogs. If you have to read all the information on one blog but can view a related video on the second one, which one are you most likely to share and visit again?

Video Creates More Traffic

When searching for a video, the YouTube URL will show up in the search results. Because that URL will also be embedded in your blog post, your post will also show up in the search engine results. Showing up in search engine results means more traffic to your site! You then have the opportunity to work on converting visitors to sign up for your mailing list or subscribe to your blog. Knowing they have an interest in your subject means that they are more in your target area than random visitors.

It Increases Memory

Forrester Research states that one minute of video has as much impact as 1.8 million written words. It is also determined that ninety percent of the information picked up by the human brain is visual. That means people understand and retain video information included in your blog quicker than what you have written. Greater retention translates into a higher likelihood of visitors remembering your site.


You can embed links in YouTube videos that direct visitors to other platforms. This can include anything from related posts on your blog, a page on your website to buy similar items or your Instagram handle. From your blog, you can direct visitors to even more videos on YouTube that enhance the material. In both cases, you get the advantage of useful links.

More Shares

People share video much more often than they share written content. By including video in your blog posts, you increase the chance that your post will be shared across various social media venues. More shares translate into higher traffic, which converts to potential clients.

Longer Visits

People are more likely to stay on your site to view an entire video than they are to read a long article. This helps increase search engine results, which are partially determined by how long people stay on your site. Video has a way of making people want to look at more videos. Think about your visits to YouTube. You go with the idea of looking at one video. Before you know it, an hour or two has passed, and you are still watching videos.

Final Thoughts

Combining YouTube with blogging gives you more advantages over focusing on only one, or keeping them separate. This is a case where one plus one can equal the output of three. It has become easy to embed videos everywhere. Make your blog stand out by including video today.