Should You Hire an Agency or a Freelancer?

When talking to potential clients, we sometimes hear “I have a friend that does websites…” Okay, maybe we hear it a lot more than just sometimes. It’s common for a small business to go to a close friend for a website design to save themselves time and money. By doing this they avoid having to vet different agencies and compare price points but they do have to trust this person to deliver a high-quality website on time.

4 Ted Talks You Should Watch if You're Thinking of Working Remote

Have you ever considered working remotely? Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a new job opening that allows for remote work? Or been required by forces beyond us to work remote for an undefined amount of time, only to find that you rather enjoyed it? Here are some TED Talks that may convince you to keep working remotely or even start to look for remote positions in your field!

Communication is Key to Success

You know the feeling. You have a client coming in and you promised you'd have their information ready for them. You get to work and the folder isn't on your desk. You ask around the office to see if anyone knows where it is but to no avail. Harry says he never received the file from Debbie so he didn't get his portion finished. Debbie can't be found anywhere. Five minutes before the client is to arrive, you glance at the personnel calendar and discover that Debbie has been on vacation for the past three days. Go figure.

Hidden Costs of Starting a Business

Starting a new business is exciting - you’ve dreamed, you’ve planned, and you’ve written a compelling mission statement you’re proud of. Now you’re ready to share that mission with the world! As a small business, the list of to-dos to get your business running may seem never-ending. From marketing to finding a space to call home and moving in, you have a lot to consider. In that process, there may be things you don’t account for in your budget. As a small business, we at 95Visual have been through it and we often see some of our clients go through their starting process as well.

Stop Wasting Your Money (On Things That Don't Work)

Ultimately when building a business, there are many different types of investments you can make within the company. Allocating your resources efficiently can do wonders for your business. Although there are many great contributions you can make when building a business, there are a few contributions you should not cheap out on. Here are four investment types that you shouldn’t cheap out on if you’re looking to grow your business.

5 Ways a Small Business Can Reduce Costs

Running a small business has perks, like getting to know your customers on a deeper level and anticipating needs for your community. This personability is what helps locally owned businesses to thrive. People who often use the same service or go to their favorite breakfast spot see familiar faces each time. As our communities continue to develop, sometimes small businesses struggle to keep up with rising minimum wage and how it affects their profit.

Client Testimonials: Asking the Right Questions

Testimonials offer stories with the power to influence and move customers to action. Getting the best testimonials to appeal to potential customers begins with appropriate questions. Clients have a lot to say about your business, but you do not need to put everything they say out to the public as testimonials. The right questions will help you get the truth from your clients, which allows you to understand the feelings customers have towards your business and to make decisions that improve your interaction with buyers.

How You Can Create a Better Culture at Your Company

When employees first step into their position within your company, what do you want them to feel? Ideally, you want all your employees to feel welcomed, motivated and happy to be there; however, to accomplish that, you first need to develop a positive company culture. Simply stating that you would like to have a happy and positive company culture isn't enough to make it happen. To truly create a culture that you can be proud of, a lot of detail and work must be put into it. Here are three tips to creating a better culture at your company.