Google Ads Updates for 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

The landscape of digital advertising is ever-evolving, and 2024 brings a wave of updates to Google Ads. This article delves into the latest changes, offering insights into the dynamic world of online advertising.

1. Easier Reservation Ads Buying in Google Ads

Google Ads introduces a streamlined process for buying reservation media, making YouTube ads products more accessible. This includes self-service setups for various YouTube ad products like YouTube Select Lineups, YouTube TV Lineups, and more. The move aims to simplify planning, buying, and measuring across auction and reservation campaigns within a unified platform.

2. Changes in Ad Formats: Goodbye to Expanded Text Ads

A notable shift in ad formats sees the withdrawal of support for creating or editing expanded text ads. Responsive search ads now take the forefront in standard Search campaigns, offering a more versatile approach to ad creation.

3. Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns Evolution

Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns undergo an upgrade to Performance Max campaigns. This enhancement enables advertisers to reach their target audience more effectively across various Google ad inventory and formats.

4. YouTube's Global Launch of Video View Campaigns

In an exciting development, YouTube has officially launched Video View Campaigns (VVC) worldwide. This innovative solution empowers advertisers to achieve the highest possible views by delivering top-performing creatives to audiences primed to consider their brand. VVC spans skippable in-stream, in-feed, and Shorts ad formats, ensuring a comprehensive reach.
Now available to all advertisers, VVC utilizes the power of Google AI to serve campaigns efficiently and effectively to relevant audiences. The key objective is to create meaningful connections with viewers at the right time and place, fostering interest and intent. Remarkably, VVC campaigns, on average, garner up to 40% more views and boast a 30% lower cost-per-view compared to in-stream skippable CPV campaigns.

Case Study: Warner Brothers Korea

One notable success story with VVC comes from Warner Brothers Korea, who utilized the campaign to enhance user engagement and drive views for the release of their new movie "Bones and All." The results were impressive, with a 33% increase in views and a remarkable 36% reduction in costs when compared to TrueView In-Stream alone.
This global rollout of VVC marks a significant stride in YouTube's commitment to providing advertisers with tools that yield tangible and cost-effective results. Advertisers worldwide can now leverage VVC to amplify their brand stories, connect with audiences, and maximize their advertising ROI.

5. YouTube Audio Ads: A New Dimension to Ad Engagement

Advertisers now have the opportunity to engage users through audio ads on YouTube. Accessible globally through Google Ads and Video 360, these ads cater to users interacting with content through Google Nest smart speakers.

6. AI-Driven Tools Transforming Search Ad Campaigns

Google incorporates AI-driven tools to empower advertisers in adapting to evolving customer behavior. The introduction of 'automatically created assets' and a conversational experience in Google Ads enhances the relevance of Search ads, leveraging the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs).

7. Vehicle Ads Upgrade: Performance Max Integration

Vehicle ads, initially introduced as a new Search ad format, now automatically upgrade to Performance Max for existing campaigns created through Smart Shopping. This upgrade assists automotive advertisers in reaching potential customers across multiple touchpoints in their journey.

screenshot of a google ads ad group menu
8. Discovery Ads Reinvented for Maximum Impact

Discover ads receive a significant overhaul to help brands stand out in the competitive online market. The latest improvements include product feeds, data-driven attribution, and more engaging layouts.

a google search page with results and shop listings for "used cars for sale"

9. Real-Time Bidding Auctions for Apps

Google Ads announces a shift towards real-time bidding auctions for apps. This strategic move aims to optimize ad buying processes for apps and will cease responding to multicall requests within hybrid setups.

10. Google Ads' Vigilance Against Multicall Abuses

To maintain value for advertisers, Google Ads invests in systems to detect multicall behavior. The platform will monitor attempts to circumvent multicall detection, with potential consequences for publishers engaging in such practices.

11. Key Features of Discovery Ads Enhancements

Discovery ads enhancements include the introduction of product feeds, providing advertisers with the ability to showcase items based on user interests. Data-driven attribution experiments and various layouts further enhance the impact of Discovery ads.

12. Capturing Audience Interest with Engaging Layouts

Discovery ads now offer diverse layouts such as carousels, square, and portrait. The expansion of product feeds to all Discovery advertisers allows for more personalized and relevant ad experiences.

13. Moving Towards Real-Time Bidding Auctions

In response to industry trends, Google Ads announces its intention to prioritize real-time bidding auctions for apps. This shift aligns with the platform's commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of advertisers.

14. Google Ads' Strategy to Combat Multicall Abuses

As part of its commitment to maintaining fair practices, Google Ads will cease buying on publisher apps for a specified duration if multicall abuses are detected. Techniques such as ad unit misrepresentation will be closely monitored.


In conclusion, the 2024 updates to Google Ads signal a strategic move towards greater accessibility, relevance, and efficiency in digital advertising. Advertisers should stay abreast of these changes to optimize their campaigns for success.