Choosing the Right Web Design Agency

Choosing the right web design firm is difficult as it is, and with an ever-growing market, there are many agencies to choose from.

Here are some traits to look out for in a web design agency:


Experience is an important factor when it comes time to hiring. It doesn't, of course, guarantee the best customer satisfaction. However, it’s often a true fact that the more experience a firm has, the more diversified their skills are.

Try looking at the firm’s website, but keep in mind that successful designers can be so busy at times with clients they don't have time for their own. Their website might not showcase everything they can do. But a website that’s poorly dressed is definitely a red flag. This is why it takes many factors to help you weed out a bad one.  

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML are must-haves as the core of Web Design. Most firms cannot handle SEO, graphic design, Flash, and writing the content themselves, but a good firm should be able to at least outsource to someone who will.

Testimonials or References

A good firm can provide testimonials or references. This will help get an idea of what working with the particular firm is like and if they will be a perfect fit. Ask spoonfuls of questions, pay close attention to answers. If a firm tells you what your website will cost without first taking the time to ask about your particular business, this is a tried-and-true bad sign! Of course, there are a few basic costs, but beyond this, an experienced firm gets that expenses are determined by the kind of business and particular goals.


Make sure you’re going to rank! SEO requires content, and that content has to be relevant to how and what you want to rank for. Make sure it’s comprehensive, SEO is part creative and part logical. It should move beyond just keywords and extend to coding and other features.


A company that knows what they're doing builds websites from the bottom. Templates aren't very unique but could be a simple solution for small businesses. A more customized web design and system may require more maintenance but in turn much more efficient. Remember that price isn't everything, but a firm who might offer you a cheap rate might potentially be less customizable, less features, and likely has security vulnerabilities. You don't want this.


Last, but certainly not least, an experienced web design firm will ensure that your website is user-friendly; focusing on user experience and interfaces. Will you be able to manage the website yourself without learning any additional operating systems? A user-friendly website should allow you to delete, edit, and add content. Most agencies will provide some level of training.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will, sure enough, find the web design firm in LA that you’re looking for!

Wherever you go to begin your website or redesign a current website, we want to make sure you are well-prepared for the journey ahead. 
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