The Benefits of Working For Free

How often have you had someone ask you to share your skill without getting paid for it? As a small business, you have most likely hesitated, feeling it wasn’t beneficial to you. You might want to reconsider your stand after reading these benefits.


You want people to know you, right? Consider that you do something for free. That person is sure to let others know. Then those who find out about you will want you to do the same work for them at the same price: free! They, in turn, tell other people. Soon your small business will be well-known all by word of mouth. That’s the best advertising, isn’t it? As an added benefit, people will know you as one of the most generous people around. Everyone will love you!


Your small business will be getting work every single day. The more you do your craft, the better you get at it. You will eventually be able to boast more experience than any of your competitors! Experience will then enable you to become considered as an expert in what you do. Think about how great you'll feel when people regard you as an expert! You might even be asked to give talks, at your current price of free, of course! Then you will get even more work to add to your long list of experiences.


Think about your life now – it is a constant struggle to pay bills, meet deadlines and keep a roof over your head. After enough assignments working for free, none of that will be an issue. Deadlines disappear when you aren’t working for money. After all, how can people expect to put time demands on something you are doing as a gift? Payment on bills, such as electric and gas, won’t even exist because the companies will eventually turn off any service. This lack of gas and electricity won’t matter, though, because you will no longer be tied down to the four walls and roof of a house. You’ll be able to pick and choose where you will set up your sleeping bag for the night. Think of how free you will feel when all these responsibilities become a thing of the past!


As you become better known, so many work requests will come in, you’ll be able to pick and choose which ones you want to do. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to work only on projects in which you have a passion? No more cranky clients – you can turn them down. No more tedious projects – you have more exciting things to do. Choices are sometimes so limited when you must charge for your work.

Personal Health

Sleeping out under the stars will help increase your sense of well-being because you will learn to see how you are "one with the Universe." All that fresh air will have your lungs clear. The rainwater will soften your skin and hair! You will find yourself sporting a very trim figure as the amount of food you eat will be limited. This will also be ideal for your sugar intake because you will be eating fresh fruit from the trees you find, as well as non-processed food, and red meat. The lack of stress over bills and deadlines will be good for your heart and blood pressure. You’ll be at a lower risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Final Analysis

Getting paid for skills you've worked long, hard hours to develop is so over-rated when you think of the lifestyle it forces you to live. Why would you subject yourself to the responsibilities of maintaining a home, buying groceries and meeting deadlines for clients? When you work for free, you can become a well-known expert, increase your well being, and be free as a bird – how can you lose?