Does Your Business Need a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan to guide daily operations in a business is more important than a business plan for most businesses. Operating without a marketing plan limits you from being intentional in your messaging and company branding. This leads to lack of focus and confusion in the market. A marketing plan further helps your business track both good and bad results, even in financing.

Ultimately, your business must be intuitive; you must offer a product or a service to achieve and retain success. Having a comprehensive business plan helps you identify what you want to achieve and how to go about it. A marketing plan serves as your roadmap to setting and attaining goals while helping analyze and understand customer needs.

Some of the consequences your business may face when operating without a marketing plan include:

Lack of Objectives

Operating without a marketing plan limits you from identifying coherent business objectives. Your business begins operating without the focus needed to achieve set objectives and develop reasonable plans. The lack of objectives simply means that your business lacks a specific set of tasks it might be competent in and has no vision for the future. Business objectives help your business in long-term productivity and growth, which ensure sustainable success in the future.


A marketing plan helps you allocate resources into operations and projects that need them the most. Without it, resource allocation becomes a challenge, which leads to wastage of resources.  Budget allocation also becomes hectic and confusing. Some tasks operate with a shortage of resources while others operate in excess; you also fail to allocate the right human resource to your projects. Subsequently, your business suffers; new products may fail or you may lose valuable personnel, which affects your company branding.


Business planning works best when you identify the people in charge of specific projects and establish a chain of command within the company. Developing a chain of command helps with your company branding and overall success. Staff members know the people they report to and can speak to when they need clarification of duties; you develop a management team to help you in the strategic planning of future operations and each department has a leader to ensure it meets set goals towards the overall success of the business.

The presence of a marketing plan within your business helps your employees understand the internal organizational structure that controls the business, and in turn offer the necessary cooperation required on their end.


The distribution and processing of information is critical to the growth and success of your business and in company branding. Coming up with a marketing plan will instigate a line of communication that allows your workers to understand the flow of information, prioritize the information and see how the same information is to be distributed among relevant staff. A marketing plan allows your employees to know their roles and purpose in the business. This helps in creating and improving a seamless system of communication within your company. Working without a marketing plan puts you at risk of losing important information that is necessary for the growth of the business. You also risk working with a system that may not ensure all concerned parties receive important information when necessary.

Final Thoughts...

Marketing plans play an important role in business success. They do more than help you create awareness of your service and products; they help you define your goals and create a concrete plan. Always start with a detailed marketing plan and make changes as trends in the industry and/or market develop.