Most people are looking for a way to save money while still sustaining their needs and wants. So what better way to take advantage of this than to offer killer deals that don’t take a huge hit on your company? Printable coupons, online special offer codes, flyers with specials on them, are all ideas to use to your organization’s advantage!

Often, it can be difficult for a small business to offer deals because of the financial hit they might take from slashing prices. So how exactly is offering coupons beneficial? It allows customers to try out your products without a significant financial investment. Offer a free sample of a different product with a sale to intrigue your customers. You could turn a twelve-pack into a two-pack to sell at a cheaper price this allows customers to try your product before roping them into purchasing a 24-pack! It’s as devious as it is beneficial! Kidding…. There are hundreds of ways to use coupons without financially damaging your business.

Except how the heck-fire are you supposed to get these coupons into the hands of consumers? Well, here is where you can get creative. Aside from the obvious printable coupons or mail-outs, try distributing deals in a way that could benefit other departments of your organization’s ecosystem. Offer one-time-use coupons to a customer who signs up for your weekly mailing list. Email your customers a coupon code with the purchase of a more expensive item. Or offer free shipping for orders over $100. But don’t stop at one option, be sure to branch out and try the methods listed here. Once you have, you can create some of your own ideas to find out what works best for you.

Many customers will attempt to exploit your coupons. Be sure to add fine print to each coupon so sales associates don’t get stumped when a customer claims to be able to get an item for free! And always make sure that your company can still make money while offering specials and coupons. What good are coupons if they run your small business into the ground?

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