Custom Drupal Theme

When it comes to the look, tone, and feel of your company you are unique. No other company offers the exact same services, drive, and customer service that you do. There is no other company exactly like yours. Thus your website should stand out in the same way.

Why Does A Custom Theme Matter?

Utilizing a cookie cutter off the shelf theme will not help to set your company apart. This is where Custom Drupal Theme Development can really help make the difference. Utilizing a custom theme will allow your company to stand out and ensure a uniform look, tone and, feel across all of your company branding. At 95Visual we have designed and built many award-winning Custom Drupal Themes for our clients. 

How Is A Custom Theme Designed?

During our Custom Drupal Theme design and development process, we review your company's existing branding, logo, website, and graphic direction. This allows us to grasp what your clients expect to see when it comes to the visual look, tone, and feel of your company. From that point, we will refine the visual look, tone, and feel of the company and then start to design a Custom Drupal Theme.

Since the design process will dictate how the website appears it will take into account your company’s color palette, logo, and all major graphical elements (i.e. color overlays, watermarks, etc.). Designing in this fashion creates a natural transition from other parts of your company that utilizes your branding (such as a business card or a brick-&-mortar location) to the website

Do Custom Themes Need To Follow Design Trends?

Today themes revolve around a flat design and a streamlined look, tone, and feel. It is also important to utilize current design trends when thinking about a Custom Drupal Theme. This can also include functions such as an image slideshow and how it interacts with other elements of your site as well as how you interact with it. All of this culminates in a user experience that should be easy and as painless as possible.

At 95Visual we have been working with Drupal for quite some time and we consider ourselves experts at creating Custom Drupal Themes. Ranging from building out and theming small websites to re-theming large corporate websites we are very familiar with what is needed in both situations. It is because of this familiarity that at 95Visual we are able to theme Drupal into a website more than suitable for your company. 

A website is an extension of your company and it should look just as professional as your company does. With 95Visual we can make it be as painless as possible while we work with you on creating a Custom Drupal Themed website tailor fit to your company.