Custom Business Software

New businesses develop every day and thus creating the need for unique features to aid in productivity. The important part is that once specific practices are in place it becomes difficult to stray from these practices and that is where Custom Business Software can help. The importance of this is to refine the current practices with virtual aspects further. Doing so means reducing redundant and unnecessary tasks and thus being able to allow more time to productive matters that result in a higher return.

Custom Business Software is just as it sounds and it is created with a particular solution in mind. Custom work such as this cannot be found in a store and is not mass produced. Rather it is something for a problem requiring a dedicated solution. You can also rest assure that custom software is tailor-made for your business application and thus is unique to your business.

Software created for specific intents is also something that can range in matters of simple to complex, and it all depends on the client’s needs. The need for the software though does influence development time and cost; however, it all goes through the same steps when being developed:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Client Feedback
  • Refinement
  • Launch Custom Developed Software

It is important to know what solution is needed and how to go about creating said solution with the end user in mind. Necessary features for a security firm would be significantly different compared to a film production company. It is these details that we at 95Visual specialize in, and we pride ourselves on being able to create Custom Business Software that our clients need. Some examples that create the need for a Custom Business Software solution can but does not solely include: Extensive user data logging and overall data storage, E-commerce with specialized functionality, and Dedicated information storage with independent item tracking.

An example developed by 95Visual was for Screaming Broccoli, a production rental company for film and photography. The custom built software was integrated with their, already in place, inventory management and order fulfillment system. As a result, the final product was designed to allow for a customer to “browse and shop” in a way similar to many e-commerce websites. Once the customer proceeded to submit the order request, for items being rented, then it would be sent to Screaming Broccoli’s desktop software. Thus eliminating manual data entry and reducing errors due to miss typing data. Screaming Broccoli then uses the order information to both quote and fulfill those requested orders.

Here at 95Visual our Development Team is constantly researching new ways to create custom solutions. Being up-to-date on development software and languages lead to a difference in quality that is noticeable. Our solutions are custom tailored for our clients, and the result is nothing but unique for everyone.