Tara Hubbard


Tara Hubbard comes from Big Bear City, CA. She likes winning eating competitions against people she knows she can eat more than, and skiing faster than people she knows she can ski faster than. She is also excellent at caring for her pet cat, making cat jokes in the office, and watching cat videos at lunch. Tara has the upper body strength of cooked spaghetti, makes mediocre pour overs from year-old coffee, and has an odd but distinct fashion sense. All of these things may not seem related, but they’re the ingredients to the person of Tara. Other things that Tara enjoys are: reading design books, watching documentaries on dairy, and not knowing any references from The Office. More random facts about Tara? Why yes, we have conveniently placed those below.

A Very Serious Q&A

How old is your oldest pair of shoes?

I’m sure I have some that are older, but the oldest ones I wear the most frequently are 5 years old. Black and white checkered Vans if anyone’s asking.

Which way does your toilet paper hang - over or under?

Honestly, I don’t really much care. But single ply is messed up..

What was the worst punishment you received in school?

I was suspended in high school for three days.. Why is this included in “fun questions?”

As a millennial, how do you feel about avocado toast?

Dude, I order avocado toast… probably once a month. But I still want to buy a home, so hopefully that doesn’t mess up my mortgage.