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Orange County (OC) offers professionals and businesses a great climate -- not only in terms of weather but also in terms of doing business. Working in Orange County gives companies more space to grow their operations, a large local market for their products, and a workforce as talented as the one enjoyed by its neighbor to the north (Los Angeles). 

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There are so many benefits that have attracted numerous Fortune 500 companies to Orange County. Real estate, finance, manufacturing, farming, and tech startups are also very big employers here in Orange County. It appears as if the demand and growth will continue for the foreseeable future.

In such highly competitive markets, businesses need to have a highly skilled digital agency in their corner. With so many alternatives all around you, and on the web, a good digital agency could be the very key to your business succeeding or failing.

With Orange County and nearby Los Angeles becoming tech startup alternatives to Silicon Valley, it has become even more important for young companies to make an immediate impact on their potential clients. More than anyone, tech startups know that they live on a razor’s edge regarding performance. Hitting, or missing, your numbers can make you a media darling and the next high-flying company or app maker or a total bust that can’t get a callback. 

With the market being as such, our digital agency, 95Visual, spends a lot of time working with companies seeking to grow their audience and business. Our digital agency helps businesses get in front of their target audience at the moment they’re most interested in their product.

Orange County startups, boutique real estate offices, investment firms, and more are all reaching out to a local digital agency like 95Visual for help growing their business, improving their sales process, and creating highly targeted marketing campaigns. This is only a small part of what we do and what any good Orange County digital agency will do for your business. 

Your business also needs someone to manage your online reputation, ensure your website is optimized so Google, and other top search engines, can grow your brand awareness and authority, and interpret the mountains of data collected from your website traffic and marketing campaigns. These are only a few of the essential tasks a good digital agency performs for your company every day. 

You have to ask yourself what’s the best use of your time and talents. The fact is, you want to spend your time, effort, and money doing what you do best, and need to hire good people to handle the rest. That is why you hire an Orange County digital agency.

When you work with a digital agency near you, you have the added benefit of knowing that your Orange County digital marketer not only understands the local market, and culture, but they can also spend time getting to know you and your business on a deeper level. That close working relationship and knowledge will result in greater returns for your business.

But Orange County isn’t all about work. The life for residents outside of work is as diverse as Orange County’s multiple Fortune 500 employers.

The perfect weather year-round and the absolutely stunning, pristine beaches gives residents a great reason to enjoy every day. Because every day is perfect to be outside, there is never an excuse to get outside and enjoy the many activities available to locals. There is hiking, paddleboarding, biking, jogging, camping, surfing and if you drive a bit, you can even enjoy some snow sports during the winter.

After the beach or playing outdoors, and a shower, OC provides locals with top of the line shopping and dining. Stop by Las Brisas for some great seafood with a Mexican flare for breakfast or brunch, or put on your fanciest digs and check out the French restaurant, Marché Moderne, where all the big shots go for an exquisite meal.

As you can see, you can have it all in Orange County. This affluent, outdoorsy community of Californians are always on the move and enjoying life.

What is your web design requirement?

What is your web design requirement?

What We Do
  • Discovery & Research
  • Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Messaging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Drupal Development
  • Custom Drupal Theme
  • UX/UI
  • Web Applications
  • Website Design & Development
  • Wireframing
Facts & Demographics

Population: 3.19 million people
Average Age: 38.3
Salary, median: $89,759
Property Value, median: $709,800
Home Ownership Rate: 57%

Most Common Jobs, by # of employees

Management Occupations 
Sales & Related Occupations 
Office & Administrative Support Occupations

Top 5 Industries by # of employees

Health Care & Assistance 12.9%
Manufacturing 11.4%
Retail trade 10.4%
Educational Services   8.9%
Accommodation & Food Services     8%

Higher Than Nation Concentration of industries

Information (3.51 times higher)
Real Estate & Rental & Leasing (3.51 times higher)
Wholesale Trade (2.64 times higher)