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Branding Agency in Orange County

With a population of 3,190,000 rivaling that of Los Angeles, Orange County makes up a huge part of the population of Southern California. It is home to 1.6M employees, mostly employed by health care, scientific/technical services, and manufacturing industries. Orange County also employs an unusual number of realtors, making it especially hot for real estate. However, all of these companies need the best branding they can get to be competitive. In a sea of competition, a strong brand can be the best investment one makes to attract and keep customers. We understand this better than anyone else (Check out our portfolio!) here at 95Visual, and we’re here to help. Our array of branding services will turn your brand into something you can’t wait to share.


Why Invest in My Brand?

Companies invest in their brand for the same reason people invest in their appearance and health: It communicates value. Orange County can be a very difficult place to do business given the amount of competition in a given industry. Consumers have a daunting amount of options before them, and may not understand the minute differences between the services companies provide. This is where branding makes the sale. A strong, cohesive brand communicates the exceptional value of a company with its appearance and message. It’s the first step to building trust with a consumer, turning the curious few into the loyal many. Invest in your brand and start building more trust with your clients with our services at 95Visual. We’ll give your brand the overhaul it deserves so you can do business confidently.


Real Estate Branding in Orange County

Being a realtor in Orange County is no walk in the park. Since Orange County is home to an unusual amount of realtors compared to other parts of Southern California, your work beating the competition is cut out for you. Plus, your clients are putting complete faith in you to handle their money and property. When it comes to ensuring the escrow goes smoothly, you’re making it happen. So how do you get potential clients to take that leap and approach you for business? It starts with a strong brand identity and message. Potential clients should be able to look at your business and know that they can trust you with their money, but it’s easier said than done. 95Visual can help you tackle this important task with our array of branding services. 


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