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Branding plays a major role in your reputation, determines the perception clients have about your company and its products and tells your story. It gives your potential clients an idea of what to expect when they seek your services or products. Without proper branding, you risk irrelevance and being driven into corporate oblivion. While it is not possible to control what others think about your business, you can influence it. As your branding agency in Los Angeles, we are experts at developing unique identities for businesses in the Los Angeles market that add value and encourage deep and positive connections with clients.

95Visual offers solid branding solutions focused on giving off a good impression that drives sales. Our team of experts has crafting ingenious branding strategy in Los Angeles as their forte, dealing with everything from logo design and brand refreshing to messaging and print. We help you create a formidable brand that gives your business a competitive advantage and spurs growth.

Our Branding Services in Los Angeles

Our branding services run the gamut from development to brand management to give you an unshakable and trustworthy brand that can withstand changes in the corporate environment. Below are the services our branding agency in Los Angeles offers.

Brand Development

We help bring your imaginations to life and create deep connections with your clients through our tried and tested branding strategies in Los Angeles. Craft a unique identity that sets you apart and guarantees customer loyalty.


If your sales have been dropping and you are losing customers, it might be time to revamp your brand. Whether your business has suffered bad publicity or you’re venturing into a new business, we can re-create your brand to suit your new business needs. Constant improvement to your brand will ensure you stay relevant and contribute to the longevity of your business.

Logo /ID Systems

A logo is the simplest way to present your company’s story in a way that is unforgettable. With the help of our creative experts, you can get your business a logo that reflects everything your business stands for.

Brand Style Guides

Your brand won’t do you any good without proper management. From how well to handle your customers to your website performance, we offer you brand style guides to help you manage your brand. This way, your clients in Los Angeles will always choose your company.

We also offer messaging solutions and collateral print services to improve your brand. Whatever the needs of your company are, we can effectively customize our services to deliver satisfactory results.

Design Your Own Brand

As a customer-centric agency, we give you a listening ear when you come to us with your unique idea. Our branding strategists can also do everything for you, designing and building your brand right from scratch. Talk to us about your plans and let our team turn them into a reality.

Our Steps for Branding Strategy in Los Angeles

You can change the fortunes of your company by simply redefining the image you portray to the public. Employing professional assistance in the branding process allows you to package your business in the best way possible for the achievement of your company’s goals. Our branding agency in Los Angeles takes pride in the meticulous and thorough nature with which we do our job. The 95Visual branding strategy takes shape in 3 major steps.

Step 1. Strategy Formulation

The first step is conducting research and coming up with ideas on the best way to appeal to your customers. Since this forms the foundation of your brand, we exercise utmost diligence and attention to detail during this process. It is at this point that the success of your branding strategy in Los Angeles begins.

Step 2. Shape Designing

The ideas come to life at this stage as we begin the development process. This involves content creation, images, and launching of a prototype. The brand strategy takes shape, and you can have a clear picture of what to expect.

Step 3. Testing

Our commitment to quality ensures that we leave nothing to chance. After developing the prototype, we proceed to test its effectiveness and impact through surveys and feedback from neutral observers. This helps us identify vulnerabilities that may jeopardize the success of the strategy, and improve our approach so that you only get the best branding solutions.

Experience the Difference of Working with Us

Your company’s image is safe in the hands of our team as we always deliver as promised.

  • We offer branding strategies that impact your target audience
  • We have the expertise, experience, and technology to meet the needs of businesses in various markets and at different growth stages
  • We anticipate your needs and effectively capture your story for a personalized improvement in your brand value

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