Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles

Why a Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles Matters

To most people, Los Angeles is a forward-thinking city, the home of the Dodgers, and the heart of the American movie industry. And Los Angeles is all these things, but at 95Visual, we think Los Angeles is a bit more than that as well.

We know Los Angeles because we live here, we play here, and we raise our families here. We can use our knowledge of this city and our digital marketing expertise to help you attract the right clients for your business. Let us show you why going local for your digital marketing needs can make all the difference.


We Know LA

At 95Visual, we are a diverse group of local marketers and specialists. We have lived and worked all over LA County, so we understand the challenges and opportunities of marketing in your neighborhood.

International digital marketing firms don’t understand LA as we do. From branding to web design, we can help tailor your digital marketing strategy to capture the clientele you want in your business. Marketing to the surfer in Venice Beach when your clinic is in Lincoln Heights isn’t going to help your business. We understand this and can help you reach the right people in your community.


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Branding that Stands Out in the Local Marketplace

The business landscape in LA is fast-moving and always changing. If you want to stand out, you need a digital marketing strategy that understands the local marketplace. That way, you can always be a step ahead of your competition.

Don’t settle for pre-packaged strategies that supposedly work in New York or London. We can put in place a digital marketing strategy that makes you competitive where it counts.


Quality that Shows

It might be easier to outsource jobs, but we know easier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Our work at 95Visual is all done in-house by our team of local experts. This means that you know our work is going to get you results every time.

Since we are doing all our work in-house, we have more control over our finished product. That means you can get exactly what you want for your business. We believe local just does it better. That’s the reason we want to work with local businesses like yours. 


A Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles that Supports Local

The most important reason to choose a local Los Angeles digital marketing agency is that we care about this city and the people and businesses in it. When you succeed, we do too. 

By choosing local, you help our local business thrive. You also ensure that we can help businesses like yours outcompete the big chains and multinationals. When we work together, we all win, and the city we love becomes a bit better in the process.

How 95Visual Can Help You?

95Visual is a full-service digital marketing company that can help your business get the attention it deserves. From your website to your brand, 95Visual can help you stand out in the crowded LA landscape.

All our solutions are custom-made. Your business is unique, so it deserves its own marketing strategy built from the ground up by our experts. This way, we can take advantage of what makes your product or service special, and make it the focal point of how we tell your story.


Creative and Effective Web Design

The internet is full of bad and boring websites. Don’t lose customers because of poor design and frustrating functionality. 95Visual’s web designers can create a custom-made website that speaks to your brand and customer base. 

We don’t believe in pre-packaged deals. Instead, we want to sit down with you and hear what your vision is for your website. We can take that vision and use our technical know-how to bring it to life for everyone to see on the World Wide Web.


Powerful SEO Tools

In today’s modern landscape, being discoverable online is more and more important. We can help you reach the top of Google through our expert SEO analysis. 

It helps that we already have the ultimate marketing tool: your product and service. Let us help you get that hard work in front of the eyes of others. We can help you target the keywords that your customers are looking for and make sure that you outrank your competitors.


Branding that Speaks for Itself

We aren’t all marketing geniuses. Luckily, we have the tools to create effective branding that compliments your product and attracts a loyal clientele. We know that a great company like yours doesn’t just come from nowhere. Sit down with us and let us help you tell that story through effective branding that will speak for you.

Already have a brand? We can work with your existing brand and put a shine on its tried and true image. Even for the most established brands, a brand refresh can re-engage old customers and bring in new ones.

Regardless of whether you need help with a new or existing brand, we want to tell your story your way through a brand that you can be proud of.


We Can Get the Word Out

Marketing has gone digital, and we can help your business adapt to this new reality. From email campaigns that work to a strong social media presence, we want to get your customers thinking about your product or service.

Just because digital marketing is the big thing, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for traditional marketing to play its part. Unlike a lot of digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, 95Visual knows how to employ traditional marketing where it counts. We use flyers, billboards, business cards, or whatever you need to reach your audience in the most effective way. 

Regardless of whether you need digital or traditional marketing, all our work is done in-house and from scratch. This means you can expect fresh, targeted campaigns for your products every time.


Make Sure Your Image is Protected Online

The online marketplace can be a tough place. It’s not unheard of for competition to use a bit of underhanded mud-slinging if it suits them. We can help your online brand and image stay safe by protecting it from internet trolls and ill-intentioned competitors.  

You wouldn’t let people tarnish your name in public, so let us help you do the same online. We can monitor your reviews and make sure that your customers see the real praise your business deserves. You only get one chance at a first impression. Let us help you make your online first impression a good one.


Service that Makes a Difference

As 95Visual is a company comprised of Los Angeles natives, we can go the extra mile when it comes to service for you and your business. Face-to-face meetings help us understand what you offer by actually visiting and seeing how you fit into your local community.

We also want to help you with your new website. While you are busy running your business, we can make sure that everything online is running as it should. As well, if tech isn't your thing, we can help you troubleshoot, backup, and update your custom website. So no matter what, your online presence will be there working for you.