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Planning Great Web Content

Great content does not just appear, it is planned! Whether you’re the proud owner of an existing site and need to freshen it up or you are creating a new website, we highly recommend taking a strategic approach to your content first. It’s common for website projects to focus on design and for content to be left as one of the last steps before launch. This is changing and it’s all for the better- we have found that focusing on content strategy and planning content before even talking about design results in smoother timelines and better design.

Tips for Writing Good Content

When is the last time you read clear, useful, and engaging content? Content where the tone of the writing was easy to connect with, there were no grammatical errors or misspellings, and you left with the information you needed. Chances are you’ll return to that source because you had a good experience with the content already. Great content is an opportunity to create customer loyalty when it’s strategically planned and used in line with great UX/UI design.

What is Content Strategy and Do I Need It?

Content is the Driving Force of Your Website

At first glance, many of us may say the colors and design of a website are the most important part. Design is certainly important and a clean design with good UX gives you credibility with your audience. However, as users make their way through the site and read through pages that outline the company’s mission, vision, and services it becomes clear that content is just as important.