Branding VS Marketing

If you’re a business owner in 2021, you’re aware of just how important marketing and branding is to your business. But not every business implements both elements properly. Marketing and branding work symbiotically together, but they’re not the same, and although you can have one without the other, it might not mean success for your business. Marketing gets a customer’s attention, branding keeps that customer’s attention. It isn’t as simple as your company having a logo and then running with a marketing campaign.

Your Brand is Not Just Your Logo

With all the talk about logos, people get the impression that an outstanding logo is all they need to get their business noticed. If that isn't happening, the logo must be all wrong. We often get new clients who come in frustrated as they tell us they are failing when it comes to branding and need a new logo. They believe that if they change the design of their logo to work better for the company, they will then have a fresh new brand. The problem is that they are expecting the logo to do more than it is intended to do.

Importance of Branding Before a Website

Have you ever come across a website that, after going through a couple of pages, you had no idea what it was about? Maybe it was a business website and you still can't figure out what they do. Maybe it seemed to be focused on a person but you weren't quite sure why that person had a website. There is an excellent chance that the website creator didn’t have a concrete brand before putting their website together.

Developing Your Brand

Developing and maintaining your company brand is necessary from the start of the business. Your brand is how the world knows you. It is their most inward idea of who you are and what your product or service means to them. Your brand helps potential customers remember who you are. While this concept sounds simple, it takes work to develop and remain in the mind of the client.

The Importance of a Strong Brand

Successful companies with a strong brand never dispute brand importance. In fact, many big businesses mention their brand on their balance sheet as one of their intangible assets. Like other intangible assets, such as skilled workforce and distinctive company procedures, a strong brand helps a business reach higher profits than with tangible assets. We, at 95Visual, understand the importance of a strong brand. A product from a brand that customers trust is more desirable than a product from lesser known competitors.

Conceptualizing Your Company Brand

Company branding is critical for any competitive business, large or small. This branding includes what customers should expect from you. It consists of what the company is, what it wants to be in future and the kind of image that the public has over it. If you desire to be on top of the market in your field, brand your company. Most small businesses neglect this, but you can start pushing yourself a notch higher now.