Technology Management Program
Master of Technology Management


The Technology Management Program at UCSB teaches students “the development of business and innovation in an increasingly technology-based global economy.” With steady growth since its start in 2004, the Technology Management Program (TMP) launched its own master’s program, Master of Technology Management (MTM), in 2015 along with its Ph.D in Technology Management shortly after in 2016. Being on the forefront of technology they wanted a website that reflected as such. Thus began the project to revamp their outdated website.

Old Website on Monitor
PHASE 1: Design

During the design stage, we worked with the Technology Management Program to ensure that the overall look, tone, and feel would match their established brand. As the design moved forward we wanted to ensure that the website had an excellent user experience, resulting in an easier-to-navigate website.

The overall user experience guided how the site should function, thus the stylistic/functional choice was planned out in a way that would make sense for the target audience(students).

The chosen layout for the website became a symmetrical page of content with a fluid content flow. This was to encourage the end-user to go through the website to learn more about the available programs with relative ease.

UCSB TMP Wireframe
UCSB TMP Final Mockup
UCSB TMP - Innerpage
UCSB TMP - Homepage
UCSB TMP - Curriculum
UCSB TMP - Profile
: Development

As a custom design and development team, the primary focus was on the special functionality of their website. Our build-out of the website would include drag & drop items, custom sub sites, department home pages, and many other custom functions. However, it is also the little details from color-specific items to the use of typefaces for certain titles and body-text.

UCSB TMP - Website Speed
UCSB TMP - Color Swatch
UCSB TMP - Drag Drop
Final Design for UCSB TMP
: Bringing It All Together

The completed website better engages and retains users. User sessions increased 25% since launching the new website (2017 vs 2016). In addition, users are 87% less likely to leave the new website verse the old website (bounce rate reduced by 87%). This is a huge win! These numbers also extend to the page views (up by 172%) and pages per session (up by 118%) and session duration (up by 22.25%).



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Visual Appeal


Best User Experience
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Giulia Brofferio

I would highly recommend 95Visual. They are easy to work with, responsive and can bridge that gap for their customers, especially the lay person, and the technical world of Drupal website needs and capabilities. They have done a wonderful job of getting our website up and running in a very short period of time and their project management skills are extraordinary! They understand what you are saying but more importantly, they understand what their customers cannot articulate well because we are web users, not creators. I highly recommend 95Visual!

Giulia Brofferio - Business Officer at UCSB Technology Management Program
Roxanna Van Norman

95Visual is very knowledgeable and has exceptional skills and experience with web development. They worked with me and my committee on redesigning our department’s website and we are incredibly grateful to have them on our team. Some things worth mentioning about 95Visual: They are great with communication, have excellent customer service, and an expert in their field. First, they know how to explain technical matters in ‘understandable terms’ and know how to address our issues and concerns. Second, they know how to work with clients and offer additional resources and information to help with our website redesign. There is a clear understanding of work in progress (and honesty, too!) about our requests, timelines, and issues. And of course, they know their stuff back and front, and you can feel confident working with them knowing that they will deliver an amazing product. I highly recommend 95visual!

Roxanna Van Norman - Public Relations / Communications Manager at UCSB Technology Management Program