Judging when to redesign your site is not always the easiest thing to decide. Sometimes it can be hard to tell where you are within your competition and a redesign can give you a leg up on them. Over time the style of design has changed, and that change can sneak up without you noticing.

Here are some tips that can help you with this choice:

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

This is quite an important question since a majority of people are now constantly using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet. It has become more prevalent than ever to make websites easily accessible by smaller devices. If your website doesn’t scale appropriately with different size devices, if it doesn’t load on smaller devices, or even if your website doesn’t offer mobile features such as a mobile-friendly menu, then it is time to become mobile-friendly.

Are there out-dated elements?

If your site still looks like it came from the 1990’s, then it may be time to redesign. Currently, flat design is popular. Whether it is icons, images, or just text, most elements of brands and marketing are done in flat design.  Keeping up to date with current design trends is important and can mean the difference between a site that is or is not pleasing to look at.

Following this is the need to check written content, or ‘copy,' since that contains the bulk of information for your website. No matter how old your website is, your copy needs to be up-to-date to stay relevant to your business/company. If your copy is from 1995 and it describes your business before changes made in 2009 then it is time for an update. Along with that is also the fact that as time has progressed so has terminology and context. Falling behind these trends also warrants a change for your website.

Has your brand changed?

As companies grow over time, it is always possible for a rebranding to take place. To redefine the business in something more appropriate for current times is often a byproduct of a rebranding. Often the website is overlooked when it comes to rebranding, and thus the website quickly becomes outdated. For a website to properly represent your brand, it is necessary for it to be up to date. Something as small as your logo changing to colors being altered can mean the difference to your brand. Even wider changes should promote or lead to a redesign such as a varying combination of fonts, colors, services/products offered, to even a renaming.

Here is a checklist that can help you notice out of date items on your website:

  • Outdated Content

  • Old Branding

  • Poor Search Engine Optimization Results

  • Old Address or Phone Number

  • Update Products or Services

An example is a client of ours, Aaron Thomas & Associates, where before the redesign their website at the time had wrong information. For two years their previous address had been displayed on their previous website, and for any person, incorrect information can be frustrating. However once they approached us, we were able to rectify that issue along with designing a website that displays the correct information and now that is no longer a problem. This type of problem can not only cost your business sales, It could end up being what kills the business.