5 Ways Chatbots Will Help Grow Your Business

Chatbots started making an appearance a while back, but they were only used by large companies. Since Chatbots were a new invention, medium to small businesses weren't sure if the concept had any place in a business that was struggling to reach as many clients and customers as possible. The first versions used a distinctly emotionless voice and it was unclear how customers would respond. After all, one of the biggest things you were told when you started your business was that you needed to give people a personal feel.

Why Understanding Big Data is Key for Small Business Growth

At one time, a small business could be technologically competitive using only a basic business software package. As long as you could keep track of contacts, orders, and sales, you were all set and able to devote the rest of the time to develop your business. In recent years, technology tools have become available that give an advantage to the businesses that use them. One of the most important innovations is the accessibility of big data.

4 Must-Haves When Your Business Outgrows Your Garage

The idea of taking your business from your garage to a much larger facility is not something that is unheard of in our society. Starting from the bottom is a common narrative and one we can see in many big businesses today. Amazon is a perfect example of this. Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online book business that he ran from his garage. Now it's a multi-billion dollar global corporation.